A bit of a sad post I'm afraid folks...

I have some pretty sad news to share today... one of my little baby boys died on Thursday, so I just wanted to share a little quiet moment today with you and appreciate this little one...

If you don't have pet rats then you won't be able to appreciate just how awesome they are, they are such intelligent and perfect little pets, and Philip and I are pretty devastated by the loss of this little guy.

I am also going to take this moment to mention another loss of a much loved and beloved pet, our little lady Mittens who died last week. Please go over to my sisters blog to read about this perfect, dainty lady, she has written some lovely things about her.

So for now its just Philip, me and this little chubbs.....

Losing pets it just the worst thing, (and losing two in two weeks just plain sucks....) but really how can we live without them!? Pets just make a house a home people, and I would gladly go through heartache in exchange for their little faces waiting for me when I come home from work - any day ;)



  1. Sorry to hear your news Jenny. I completely understand how heart-breaking this can be. Hope you're ok.

    Take care,
    Jo :-) x

  2. :( *hugs* it really does suck losing a pet, they are part of the family. Sorry to hear you have lost 2 in a few weeks.

    One of our rats is sick at the moment, thats making me sad enough.. I may be a mess when something worse happens to her lol

    much love
    Brooke oxo

    1. Thanks Brooke, Oh you have ratites too?? Oh don't they just make the best little pets, they're such funny little characters!

      Ours was sick for a long time before too, its heartbreaking being able to do another, and you can't explain to them whats going on either. I hope she's feeling better soon xx

      Jen xx

    2. haha obviously i mean ratties, I wonder what a ratite is...? darn auto spell checker ;D

  3. Oh sorry to hear about Vincent :-(

    Lots of hugs!