About Me: When did I become such a 'Yes' person?

Morning lovely readers! 

I know right!? A new post at long last!

I just do not know where time is disappearing to at the moment but apparently it hates me and has fallen out with me for some reason, because it sure does not hang round these parts any longer! Or maybe its because since starting my blog, just over six months ago really, this 'non-joiner' has become a crazy 'Yes' person. Seriously, where did you come from and where have you been hiding for the past 29 years?!

A little summary of my life right now; Work (40+ hours :( ), Travel, House work (1% ehem...) WI planning, Blog planning, Blog designing, Baking, CV writing, Job hunting, CV writing for others, Craft Club, Craft competition, helping friends, seeing friends (5%), time with Philip (2% :'( ). 

And then there is the stuff I am purposely trying not to think about; Mittens, Doctors appointments, Sickly little ratties, People who are no longer here to say Hi to, Good friends moving away, Money, Work.... Personal hygiene! haha!

Basically I am about ready to go out of my mind! (Luckily I actually enjoy being and work well when stressed). Hence the reason I have not blogged properly for about a month, or managed to find the time to schedule any posts, or even just spend an afternoon catching up on other lovely blogs. Sad face. Why have you deserted me, old friend Time? Can we just forget about it and make up now please? Pretty please??

So, Plans of action for the next 6 months (I love action plans, and the list writing involved in said plans!) (ooh and what I love even more is ticking off those plans, on said list, with MASSIVE ticks ;D) ; GET A LIFE - BE HAPPY WITH IT. simple as. Remember to spend time on my blog - because it makes me happy, launch my online shop ;D Oh, and 'Debt Free By 30' which goes into operation on Friday - pay day! woo! (and I have told you all about it now, so have to stick to it! so there!)

Its time to say 'No' to a few things I think, and concentrate on my boy, my blog and my life for a while. At the start of this blog I swore that 2012 would be - and I quote - 'my best year yet'. ... well, so far 2012 has been a bit sucky to be honest! I'll admit, this post has been floating around in my head for about a week, and when I was thinking about how poo 2012 has actually been turing out, I gave my little brain a sharp shake. I do not like negativity. So, to end this little random rant, a list of things I am thankful for so far in 2012:

Philip, my blog, my family, my awesome extended family, having the pleasure of Mittens' company for 18 years, joining and being apart of a fabulous new WI and meeting some lovely ladies and making new friends, gifts for helping out friends, surprise gifts from friends, cool links my sister sends me, compliments from strangers, Northerners, Real and overwhelming send offs, new opportunities, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Joy Formidable, Arrested Development, the blogging community, my iPhone, the Lakes District, the strength of my little boy, Sunshine, Cath Kidston for giving the go ahead for Cowboy PJ bottoms...

I could actually go on and on, lots to be happy and thankful for when you sit down and think about it. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, stuck in a rut/bad day job or just a little blue, then I highly recommend you put pen to paper or fingers to keys and list all the lovely things in your life right now, you will feel tons better for doing so! 

Lastly some inspirational links - because we all love a few of those ;D

If you have any more, please share!



  1. Love this post Jen (not the bits about u being overly stressed and busy of course)but your words are really nice and thanks for the inspiring links, just read through these posts again and they are sooooo good! x

    1. ah! i was going to add another thanks and I forgot! 'links from my sister' haha, ill do that now actually ;D

  2. Aww I hope the rest of 2012 is super awesome for you!

  3. Such a true post, where HAS this year bloody gone?!?!? Very inspirational, i like :) xxxx

  4. I can totally relate. Thanks for sharing a very honest post.

    I've noticed that some people on twitter have been using an app to write daily gratitude lists. I like your suggestion of taking time out to stop and think about what makes you happy. It only takes a moment and can give you some peace and perspective during an overwhelming time!

    I'm definitely thankful for the sunshine this weekend and time with family.

    Here's to a good summer x