Makes and Bakes: Craft Club!

Ok so I am being naughty by posting this as it is craft club again tomorrow and we will be making this same project - so if you are attending, do not read any more! haha.

Due to the huge success of our craft evenings at CK Cambridge, we decided to put two on this month and both evenings still got fully booked within about two hours of me emailing everyone! I seriously love craft club and how enthusiastic everyone always is, and the results! wowza! 

So this month was a biiiiiit of a messy one! We went for a no sew project, which to start with I was super exited about, I went home - made my example.... but if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know I am a lazy crafter and if there is a corner to cut, well - I will pretty much bypass it a light speed! So yeah, I came home, got my fabric and glue out and just whacked it all together to produce.... a mess that I am not going to share with you and ruin my crafty credentials with (*cough cough!*)!! So I then started to think 'oh dear.... they're going to hate this!!' until I sat down, made a template, did everything correctly and produced a pretty darn good result! success! and back to being super exited woohoo! so, drum roll please... this is what we made:

(guess which one is mine ;D )

I always panic though, that the ladies who attend are going to hate each project and get really disgruntled with me, but apparently everyone loves PVA and little glue spatulas - no matter what age you are! (really kicking myself that I didn't put in my email now 'Remember to bring one of your dads old shirts!!' - did everyone else do that in primary school, wear one of your dads old shirts backwards for crafting?)

So to do this all you need are some plastic plant pots, fabric scraps, PVA and a brush! and just go for it! here are some examples I found around and about the web:

I strongly recommend giving this craft a go yourselves, they are so much fun to make, and actually very therapeutic with all the gluing! Plus a great way to use up scraps.

So here are our final results:

How cool are they!? we were all so pleased with the results!

I was also joined on this craft club by two fellow Cambridgeshire bloggers - Claire from Claireabellemakes and Suki from The Owl Club - check out their lovely blogs, if you haven't already!

If you are in the Cambridge area and are interested in more info on and craft club, click on my contact page and drop me and email! :D



  1. Thanks for the mention and the fab craft night. I shall we posting mine on Wed morning :-)


  2. These are gorgeous!!! Love, love, love them!! I just planted some yummy plants on my teeny tiny balcony on Sunday...was trying to pick the nicest plant pots possible but no need now as your crafting idea is genius!! Will definitely be giving this a go. Great pics by the way! Wish I lived near your craft club as it looks like soooo much fun!

    Happy crafting! :-) x

  3. This is a lovely post - and it was a great evening! I really enjoyed it :) I can't wait to put plants in my pots. I may even put plants in both of them after all.

    I've been on holiday so the time has flown, but I'll be putting my own post up very soon!

  4. They look superb, wish I lived a little closer to Cambridge :) I found you through Claireabelle makes x