Makes and Bakes: I made another blog look pretty

Evening! So you may recall last week I did a little blog re-vamp for Miss Sallytangle? Well I have only gone and done another! This time for All About the Girl.

The lovely Caroline is a fashion and beauty blogger (I especially like her Trends on Trial series - this girl goes through a lot to try out the stuff we all wish we could pull off so effortlessly, and contrary to what she reckons, she suits them all! ) AND she's a fellow Northerner! Awesome!

Lets take a look at what her blog look liked before I got my hands on it...

aaaaaaand TA DAH!

Oh I do so love working with other bloggers and getting to work on my HTML skills at the same time!

What do you think of Caroline's new blog? Let us know below, or pop over and tell her your self ;D

ps. Next blog on the agenda? Jenny and the Magic Feather! ooh thats meee! :D

pps. Update: check out Caroline's lovely write up here!



  1. Another fantastic blog design!

  2. Ooh, I actually came across Caroline's blog the other day and honestly thought what a fab blog design!!! I didn't realise you had designed it! Very, very impressed!!! :-)

  3. Jen strikes again :) It look beautiful, i love it!!!! I bet you are having HTML shaped dreams….. :) xxx

  4. I like it a lot. It certainly makes more of a statement than the other one! Fab

  5. I LOVE your blog designs.. I was wondering if you could help me do mine? My email is and my blog is pierrelecat. Thank you !!


    1. Hi Helen, I have actually come across your blog before! Another Carlisle blogger! Haha

      I'll send you an email soon with some info if you like :)


  6. I'm so happy with my new blog, it's so pretty :) Jen you are an absolute star...check out how many great comments I got on it!! xx

  7. i just found your blog through caroline's blog and what you did is amazing, her blog is looking gorgeous! :)xo