Makes and Bakes: Sallytangle Blog Revamp

Evening Everyone!

I had such a fun weekend, know what I did? I preeeety much sat in front of my computer the whole time and redesigned a blog for the very lovely Sallytangle! and FYI no sarcasm was intended in that sentence, that really is my idea of time well spent. Ah how life changes... ;D

So here is what I did!

Sally's blog before the revamp!

Ta Da! Afterward!

Sally and I completely worked together on this blog, and she gave me lots of great input. I think we are both pretty pleased with the out come. You can read her very kind comments in here posts, here.

I am having so much fun redesigning blogs right now! To be fair, I have only done my own, my sisters over at The Perfect Hiding Place and now Sallytangles. But with each one I am learning so much. Although, now all I want to do is update mine again haha ;D

I am very much a 'beginner' with blog designing, but I urge you, if you blog and use one of Bloggers basic templates (which is absolutely fine by the way!), have a go at giving it a little revamp. There are so many helpful sites out there to guide you, which is just how I find my way through all the HTML jargon! Good old Google ;)

Also I must credit the fantastic Katrina at Pugly Pixel again - I adore her layouts and have used them on all the blogs I have done so far, as a basis for my own add ons and designs. Her tutorials and freebies are the best I have found. Check out her blog - today!!

So, I am off to Thorpe Park tomorrow with the besties! Very Excited! Little bit random....




  1. The redesigned site looks gorgeous!

  2. A job well done I say - and I am very much in awe of anyone who can do this!! I wouldn't have a clue, so hats off to you! Enjoy Thorpe Park - hope the weather holds!

  3. Love it!! (incase you didnt know!) Blog superstar you are!!! Lotsv love xxxx