Things that make me smile...

It has kind of been one of those on going weeks where life decides to throw some poo at you! We are all there at some point or another, but I generally try not to let these things get me down - after I have had a little moan to my mum/sister/Philip of course! ;D 

So I want to share with you all today some (semi) new purchases, because it is easy to smile at pretty things, and oh I do love to buy them so...

Eeek! more fabric! but it was sooooo cheap :D 

Ok, so these ones were not so cheap but look - pretty! aaahhhh.....

New colours!

The lovely latest edition of Mollie Makes, with vintage cowgirl fabric luggage tag!? Oh I do love you so Mollie Makes!

My most recent cutters.... I told you! Obsessed! I am so in love with the Apple one!

 Lastly, not a purchase but a pretty, and much needed, gift for helping a friend :)

What have you been buying that you're super happy with?

Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. gosh I want it all!! that fabric is absolutely to die for... love it :) x

  2. I am in love with your fabric!! I am a bit of a fabric hoarder and am always buying lol

    Those cutters are super cute :)

    Brooke x

    1. ugh I know, as you can see I am a mega hoarder! and I have bought more since this post too... and more cutters... o_0

      Thanks for your comment :D xx