What Jenny Did: I'm on a roll...


So as I mentioned yesterday I have more blog updates to share with you all today, lets take a look!

Here is the lovely LolacolaKate's blog before....

Already pretty cute, she just wanted a few little updates which I was happy to help with!

Ta Dah!

Next up was a full blog re-vamp for another Carlisle lovely (its like we all have some sort of 'lisle-dar!), the very cool Helen over at Pierre Le Cat.

Here is Helens blog before I got my grubby paws on it - see what I did there ;D
 ...and drum roll please!

Helen and I were pretty much on the same wave length with this one, something black and white and simple like her old design, just with a little added oomph!! Also I'm pretty sure she when she told me she liked triangles, she doubted I could incorporate them somewhere in there.... ye of little faith Helen! I'll let her off though because she was super enthusiastic when discussing font ideas, and anyone who loves fonts as much as I do, is A-OK in my book ;D

So what do you think of the new designs? 

I am currently working on another design now, which I think will have to be my last for a little while. I love doing this, it is so much fun and super rewarding, but I feel I need to spend time on my own blog now! If you are interesting in hiring me to revamp your blog though, do still drop me an email (find my details on my Contact page), and I'll keep your details for a rainy day down the line :) 

I have so much going on this next week which I am very excited about! We have our next WI meeting on Wednesday - Claireabellemakes sent me an amazing receipt she found which I am desperately trying to find the right ingredients (seriously UK, take a leaf out of America's book and get some more crazy baking ingredients! Toffee extract would be a great start! Cheers xx) for so I can reproduce them for the meeting. Just look at these beautiful Toffee Cookies!

I need to finish my craft competition entry and get a post up quick sharpe! I also have craft club again on Thursday, and then I can finally post about that too! We had two this month and I didn't want to spoil the surprise project for anyone, but it was very very fun with some awesome results!



  1. I honestly can't thank you enough.. I love what you've done and can't believe I questioned the triangles.. Haha.

    Lots of font lovin..


    1. I know! haha ;D

      your welcome! happy blogging!

      Jen xx

  2. Thanks again Jen I love it :) xxxx

  3. The woman's a MACHINE!!! (in the lovliest way!!!)

    I love them both xxxxx