Makes and Bakes: Cupcakes

You know what? Its Monday morning, lets stare at some chocolate-y loveliness for a moment, shall we!?

A couple of weeks ago I made these beauts, and do you know what was super exciting about these? I got to use my new cupcake corer!! yeah yeah, I could use an apple corer anytime... but this is specifically made for cupcakes! So I used my muffin tray to make giant ones and fill them up with scrummy chocolate icing!

 I also put some Smarties in the mix (which was just a regular cake mix by the way - nothing too fancy!!) BUT I did not know the little trick to keep them from sinking to the bottom....
you roll the Smarties (or anything you are adding, I have also tried fudge!) in flour, and add them last to the finished cake mix, just before you pop them in the oven ;D amazing!

Have I made your morning just that little bit brighter, can't wait till lunch now!? haha
I also made some little butterfly cakes with the left over mix....

all with the assistance of my shiny new digital scales!! Thanks Philip!!

Ok, lets stop looking/talking/thinking about cake now!

Can't stop...? Me either

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