Friday Finds

Oh my gosh! Seriously when was the last time I did a Friday Finds, just a regular schedule blog post!? I am so excited!! :D

Screaming and drooling pretty much at the same time, over everything on Raspberri Cupcakes! Especially these beautiful Milk and Choc Chip Cupcakes! 

Screaming over food again! These are fricking awesome!! Burger Cupcakes from Talking Trash and Wasting Time.

Tea Cup bracelets!!?

Actual pretty Pom Pom garlands... just a tad better then mine :(

 The awesome discovery that my very favourite magazine ever! Mollie Makes, is launching a sister mag - The Simple Things! Cant wait!

New print shop on Etsy! The Love Shop - all their prints are super cute!

Another awesome Etsy shop! Fellow Cambridge blogger Claireabellemakes just opened her first Etsy shop and it is all amazing! I especially love the scrabble rings!

Lastly - new fonts! Lots of new fonts! these are very much just the tip of the iceberg that is my font finds right now! God I love fonts....

And just for fun, 'All Things Cats!' - My name is Cat font! hehe ;D

Happy Friday Everyone!



  1. Oh wow thanks for including me in Friday finds! A scrabble ring is coming your way :-)

    I love love the teacup bracelets. And I too am a font geek. The cat one is brill. I know that if I tried to make the burger cupcakes they would end up on craft fail or something...

    Happy weekend!

    Claire x

    1. Haha this made me laugh Claire! Craft fail! Mine too probs.... I may also try these for the next WI meeting!

      I seriously can never get bored of looking at fonts! I am totally not surprised you're a font geek too, I guess it's
      Like online stationary!!

      J xx

  2. WOW thank you so much for posting my Hamburger cupcakes!! you are awesome <3

    I am loving the tea cup bracelets and the pompom garland, very pretty

    much love
    Brooke xx

    1. haha thats ok Brooke, they were awesome! i was totally going to drop you a message to say I had featured them and that I hoped it was ok... but you got to me before I managed to anyway!

      I'm defo going to try these bad boys out, so I will actually link back and let you know if and when I do ;D

      Jenny xx

    2. yes please try them out and let me know how you go, they are such fun cakes to make, bit hit with everyone :)

      & no worries about letting me know, I was so delighted when I seen this, made my night xoxo

  3. Those cup cakes are amazing! My mind is boggling over how they did the tea cup bangles and I am off to read up about the new mag. (I am not ignoring the ring but have already sung many praises to Claireabelle makes!) Thanks for sharing :)

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    Avy ♥

  5. Beautiful!

    And this reminds me... I should install some fun fonts on my computer too:D