Friday Finds

Woo! Thank golly gosh its Friday again! I have a lovely weekend off where I intend to thoroughly catch up on sleep, crafty stuff... and most likely a little baking ;D

But first, a little round up of some awesome finds - seems I have had a few themes going on in my head this week clearly....

Love these cute apple cushions, they look so cozy!

Amazingly cute idea...Apple sewing kit! I have gone a little apple mad on Pinterest this week! This went straight on to 'Try It' !

 Another little pinterest obsession this week - fun stuff to do with balloons!
Put a marble in before you blow up a normal balloon, it hangs!

 Glow sticks in water balloons in stockings!

 Water balloons, add food colourings, freeze and then remove balloon once hard!

Fun food stuff!!
Sugar cookies plus food colouring! amazing!

Seriously, this is what I am baking this weekend! Also an awesome site.

 Using Duplo (or any large Lego brick type) as jelly moulds!

Nutella Meringues! Quite simply the best idea ANYONE ever had :-|

And then this little guy... Just because!

And lastly, fonts - because there are always fonts to be found! ;D

What are your plans for the weekend then?

Have a good one!



  1. Fab fonts and mmmmmmm MMMMM Nutella meriengues!?!?!? Heaven!xxx

  2. you find the best things, love the apple pillows and the sewing kit

    Brooke x

  3. I just want to try everything! Those jelly lego blocks look awesome as well as the nutella meringues!