Friday Finds

HI guys! In honour of the fact that I am super exited to be attending an Etsy Craft Party this evening, hosted by Claireabellemakes, this weeks Friday Finds has a little bit of a crafty theme.

Heres a round up of some awesome looking crafts I stumbled upon this week!

Lace tiles! from the amazing Martha Stewart. I love Martha Stewart's crafts.

Love these tinted mason jars!

Simple plastic cups jazzed up with washi tapes - love it!
Paper button idea for gift wrapping.

Fabric wrapped bracelets, with tutorial!

Another amazing idea from Martha! Terracotta tea light pots!

How awesome is this chandelier? Made from plastic bottles.

Elmers glue, food colouring, painted on glass.... makes it look like sea glass. amazing!

Of course there is a foody one ;D cupcakes baked in a jar!?

 I discovered an awesome new blog this week too, Jess has one very cool blog, full of advice, designs, photography, craft! I particularly like her printables... this one is especially caught my eye...

Have a great weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. What a lovely group of Friday finds. Thanks for featuring my bracelet DIY!

    I made the cakes in jars before - they were fab but massive! Like eating 3 slices of cake :-)

    Hope you enjoyed the craft party x