Makes and Bakes: Fancy Lace Mason Jar Turorial

Hello! So as I mentioned yesterday, I have been planning pretty things for my brothers fast approaching wedding. Today I am going to share a little tutorial with you, something I was sort of messing around with at the weekend...

You will need:

I found the tutorial for this little project several times actually, on Pinterest. Its such a pretty idea, I love all the painted and decorated jar tutorials all over Pinterest! So I thought I would start with this one.
All you need to do is cut a strip of lace, big enough to cover the body of the jar - It doesn't go over the neck so well, and will give you an uneven finish if you try, in my opinion. Secure the stripe down with a very thin strip of tape, and make sure the lace is as tight as you can get it, to the jar. I tried dabs of glue too, which also works and leaves less of a white mark, but you need to be able to take the lace off as soon as you have sprayed, so if you do use glue, dont let it set too much!

Once your lace is secure, you're ready to spray paint!

Ok, so it took me a few attempts to perfect this. With my first jar, I sprayed it silver but although it looked pretty, because of the shape of the jar I ended up missing bits :(

So I then tried it on some Mason/Kilner jars which I had, and would advise that this shape is better and easier to spray paint. I also used a rod of wood to prop the jar on as I sprayed (like a jar lollipop!) so I didn't get finger prints all over my jars!

Only this time I got a bit too spray happy, and over did it :(

 So not a good look!

I feel like my tutorials are just not right if I don't share some sort of craft fail these days!

So, third time lucky? ... erm, not really folks! This time I did a super light layer of silver on the jar, as the tutorial that I was following suggested an under coat of glitter (but I didn't like that idea, and I had no glitter...darn! In hindsight though, this would hold the lace on better...hmmm...). When the silver was dry, I then placed my strip of lace around the jar, and sprayed over with the white, being careful not to over do it on the lace section.

 Not too bad... but not the perfection I was looking for...

Im not sure if it was just me, but I feel like this technique takes a bit of practice to get it looking lovely.

Im going to keep trying with spraying jars and shapes but I think I am going to pack the lace away and give up on this idea... on to the next! woohoo more spray painting! 


Let me know if you get on better with this that I did!



  1. Ooh if I ever get married please will you come and plan mine for me? :)


  2. Ah this has been on my list of things to try. I think that there are a lot of pinterest projects that are trickier than they look though!

    It's a really pretty effect :-)