Makes and Bakes: Hand Drawn Heart update


I have yet another new blog design to share with you all today! Yey! Last week I helped out Nora from Hand Drawn Heart with a new blog design, lets take a look at what I did:

Noras lovely blog before...

...Ta Dah! new shiney Hand Drawn Heart!

Nora came up with the colour scheme and beautiful font used in the header. We went for a simple and clean theme, with hints of purple and coral.

What do you think? :D

I am not planing on doing any new blog designs for a while now folks, just to give me time to learn some new tricks and to take a breather! But if you are interested in a design update, drop me an email and we can have a chat and possibly see about a day down the line maybe... or sooner, knowing me!

So today Philip and I are off to Carlisle to see our families! I was lucky enough to be off work yesterday to catch up on blog posts this week ( well as clean the house, bake, make new beds for and bath and pack the little boy up for his hols!)  - not like my usual 'leave it to the last minute... oops wait no, now I have no time to schedule anything!' level of disorganisation, I actually had time to sit down and plan the whole week! So do keep popping back, I have some lovely guest posts coming up from Jo at The Perfect Hiding Place and Claire from Claireabellemakes.

I plan on spending the next week trying my best to relax, switch off and unplug but honestly, who am I kidding right!? ;D

See you in a week!

ps. A little update: Check out Noras lovely write up! so nice! Read it here




  1. Wow, you have been busy :) I'm off to Carlisle on Friday, yay, can't wait!!! xx

  2. Lovely design - it really makes a difference! :)

  3. You're all coming home!!!! lol. Bring your waterproofs!!!!!! Love the new design… have such a talent at it! Have a lovely relaxing time xxxxx

    1. I think I brought the sun up with me Sally! ;D