Makes and Bakes: Made in Cumbria


Today I am going to just get gushy all over you guys about something I am super passionate about! Ready? Made In Cumbria! yey!

As I may have mentioned just once or twice throughout my blog (!), I am from Cumbria and could not be prouder of the fact! :D

I adore Cumbria, I think it is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and as I am currently up there - most likely enjoying the rain! - I thought I would share some of the enthusiasm I have for this massive county and hopefully introduce you all to some new and interesting sites and facts that you did not know about.

Made in Cumbria is an actual organisation of crafters and artsy folk who use local materials to make their crafts, and also just a general celebration of all that is great in the county! They do tend to sell them locally too though, in all the many, many Tourist Information shops that are dotted all about Cumbria - in fact most towns and villages are so small they barely have any normal shops! But always without fail, there will be a Tourist Information Centre and a tea room, of course!! oh and most likely a pub too, you can't forget one of those when building a village up north like (eh)! ;D

I have included here some awesome photos and websites of just a handful of crafty people and places found in our fair county, for you to check out:

and then just some links to lovely places:

so, has Cumbria inspired you!?


Wondering what I am up to today? I am dog walking in the lakes with my Dad and Kara, yey!



  1. Lovely post. Ooh we saw those leaf pottery things at the weekend, so nice. Also u forgot to mention the teeny little villages with the BIGGEST car parks you have ever seen! haha.

  2. It looks so beautiful up there. I remember going as a kid for holidays and it always rained. We didn't mind as the area was so pretty. Makes a change from flat fen land eh?!

    Love the Pressed Flower craft by Ann Riddick. A great selection of handmade items :-)

    Have a lovely break (I hope you are not checking comments etc til you are home)

    C xx

  3. Hello! from a little grey Cumbria (today) but this summer, we seem to be getting used to the greyness!! Thanks for featuring my work on your blog, I too am passionate about Cumbria. I am continually inspired by it, and my friends and family here.

    Emma xx

  4. This is cute(: Great pictures, great blog. Glad i found yours! You got a new follower. :D <3