What Jenny Did: HomeCrafts Competition!


I have something super exciting to share with you today!

I entered a competition!!

Myself and 10 other bloggers were sent a beautiful selection of yarns from Home Crafts - an absolutely fantastic craft site that caters for every craft you can imagine - (I may have spent a little too long browsing, enthralled!) to make anything we liked with! This is what I was sent: Mixed Textured Yarn and some beautiful Sari Yarn.

... initial thoughts were *gulp* but I don't knit!? but after being reassured that I could make anything, ANYTHING? well my little crafty (and very over ambitious perhaps) mind set to work, and this is what I produced....

Woo! Yarn Bowls! This was actually the first thing that popped in to my head to make, and they were so fun, the good messy fun too! I am pretty pleased with the way they turned out (after a few attempts - see end of post!!). To make these I used good old home made paste - by the way, so did not know you could make your own pastse, how cool is that!? - and a balloon! it does take forever to dry though.

Next up was this....

I used the pretty multicoloured Sari Yarn as the line and its not too clear in this image, but it fades into different colours and looks so colourful and pretty strung up! But, can you believe I have never made a pom pom before!? After a disastrous first attempt with cardboard, I invested in Pom Pom maker and purchased this little one:

and off I went! However Home Crafts have a much better Clover Pom Pom makers, so maybe if I win... ;D

Ok, are you ready for the ones that didnt make it? I really dont know why I am showing you all this, but I was amused and I thought you guys may like to see my, shall we say, 'thought process' ...

FYI - peel the yarn off the balloons, do not pop the balloon! It just drags all the yarn with it (Exibit A: above, centre). Wondering about the rug? yes, well...I really am a little too ambitious with my crafting sometimes.... I wonder if I get extra points for effort?




  1. I LOVE your projects and especially the pom pom garland. I find making pom poms quite addictive.

    I've always wanted to try the yarn bowls on balloons.

    May the best blogger win! ;-)

    Claire x

  2. Wow you came up with some really original ideas! Loved the fact you showed your other attempts too, makes me feel better about some of my disasters in the past :)


  3. Ha this post made me laugh, esp the last bit. Love your imagination! I think i would have probably plaited into my hair….lol xxxx