Where Jenny Went: Carlisle! - again...

Morning Folks!

Oh dear, I really can not get the hang of this picking up with posts as soon as I get back from a holiday!  And after being super organised before my holiday too... I really feel like I let myself down somehow haha! Plus, I am afraid this is a half hearted post too just while I get back on top of things - sadly it was straight back in to work for me. But I have lots of pretty pictures to share with you today anyway, yeah-ah! :D !!!

Here is a little snippet of what I got up to last week!

I made lots of new friends!
Clockwise: Kevin the Chinese dwarf hamster, Barney the new addition, Tink the sugar glider and Leo the leopard gecko.

I baked a LOT and all in one day ;D
 Clockwise: Guinness cakes (yes really!), choc chip fairy cakes with loads of crazy icing and anything else we could find, Squirrel sugar cookies and Ginger faces!

Went on a lovely walk at Armathwaite.

(Barney was not too keen on the water.... )

Had some wedding hair trials :| ooh!!

Set up and attended an awesome garden party!

Which proved too much for Barney...

Was constantly amused by this moody little boy...

... I dont think he was at all impressed with me - ever!

So that was pretty much my week! Always a whirlwind, always full of stresses and sunshine :D

Proper posts on their way soon! 

Promise ;D



  1. Not a half hearted post at all! It's lovely to see what you got up to :-)

    Are there any cakes left?!


    1. Oh my gosh there were TON's... emphasis on the 'were' .... :D