Yey! Its Friday again folks!

Lets take a goosey gander at what I found this week (well... last week as this is a scheduled post ;D)!

Geek-tastic T-shirts at Snorg Tees

Keeping with a geeky theme, how amazing is this retro Nintendo controller coffee table? and it works!!? blows. my. mind.

Ok, ok last geeky thing! zombie apocalypse bedding anyone??

Adorable mugs from Mokkasin

This week I discovered Sweetopia, and I have not stopped pinning their creations. In AWE!

Cute new Cowboy print items at Cath Kidston!

 Drooling over these Peanut Butter Cup Brownies I found on Pinterest!

....and him. I don't need a reason. He's just too cute!

Happy Friday!



  1. What amazing finds Jenny! That little bunny looks like she's clapping her hands! And the nintendo coffee table works?!?!?! Jeez Louise! I better not show this to my other half! ;-) And, and the zombie bedding - wowza! Ooh and that Cath Kidston sweater - now where's my credit card... ;-)

    Jo :-) x

  2. Oh my gosh that coffee table is insane! Loving the zombie apocalypse bedding, that is just pure genius!