Friday Finds: Erm... Jenny its Sunday!?

Bet you didn't know I had invented the formula for time travel!? Shazam! Thats right folks, its actually Friday again!! .... No really, I did! For real guys ...    ;D ...   Ok ok, you got me!

So I have had a crazy busy week, and then the weekend finally arrive and I thought, 'awesome I can catch up on jobs and posts and everything!' and was then shot down by a disgusting migraine. Well that is just sods jolly law now isnt it *grumble grumble*.

So today I am generally catching up on posts, cleaning the hovel that was once my home, catching up on some blog designs and catching up on some craftiness. Busy day! 

Whats the bet I sit in front of the computer watching YouTube videos all day eh!?

Which brings me nicely, actually, to my first find this week. This is Hilarious, thats right - with a capital H!

I cant even tell you how many times I have watched this since finding it!
(You Tube - Bad Lip Reading)

Cool foody things! I pretty much adore all things apple related, these cupcakes look amazing!

Giant letter anyone?
(The Iron Mill via Etsy)

These porcelain tiles from Etsy shop Werkstaat are awesome! they look like lego!
(werkstaat via Etsy)

This phone case is just amazing! So Pretty!
(Carved products via Etsy)

Cool art on Pinterest.
(L-R:The Adventurous Bird by FreyaArt, The Bluths by Matt Chase, Dreams by Lucius Art)

Fonts found this week!

 (Da Font)

 (Da Font)

And then this... I feel like im obsessing over pugs this week. I just want one so bad!


  1. Mmm, apple cupcakes. I suddenly become more apple obsessed in the autumn months... but I'm happy to eat cupcakes any time of the year! x

    1. they do look scrummy though don't they!

      Yeah likewise, everyday is a cupcake occasion in my book!

      Jenny xo

  2. I think this post ticks all the right boxes in the perfect finds..... awesome cupcakes, cute dogs, lego inspired home-wares, humour and The Bluth family.... OMG you are awesome lol

    1. haha no YOU are awesome Brooke for leaving such a nice comment and making me laugh (and clearly being an Arrested Development fan ;D )

      Jenny xo

  3. The cupcake and the phone case = <3