Friday Finds

Hello! Long time no see, right!?

This has been a bit of an odd week. Philip is away right now which means I have nothing to drag me away from the computer - and I mean that as a BAD thing. Literally where has the week gone? I have been spending waaaaay too much time glued to Blogger! Which means time flys and the days just blend into one for me - and I sort of forget how to function due to a mind full of CSS! However - it has been a tad exciting (if HTML and CSS excite you I guess... :-/ ) I have been following CSS Pretty, a course by my fave, Pugly Pixel!! Oh it is so good, and well worth - beyond worth - the $25 (thats like £16 people!).

...and then I remembered I had a blog of my own that was going unnoticed and unloved! doh! so, lets get on top of that with my favourite post topic of the week - Friday Finds! Yey!!

First up this week is the foody one. Oh My Gosh.... Brooke from Talking Trash and Wasting Time does it again with some AWESOME ice-cream cone cupcakes!! Amazing idea!

These amazing little crocheted dog bracelets!

 Magic wand salt and pepper!

 Pretty feather hair slide! I want it!

More cool balloon ideas - seriously who knew you could do this much with just balloons!?

And now for some cute wooden stuff! Starting with this little mousey brooch!

 Button chopping board!?

Cute wood toy cameras!

Have a great weekend folks!


  1. Fab finds Jenny! Especially love the button chopping board and the magic wand salt and pepper, brilliant! :-) x

  2. oooo I want them all!!!! I love the button chopping board too and the magic wands. The only problems with the wand is I would use too much and have to much salt on my food, I already have too much haha

    Thanks again for posting cakes, you are the best :)

    Brooke oxo

  3. I ADORE the pretty little crochet dog bracelet!! Too sweet xxxxx