Guest Post: The Simple Things from Adventures and Tea parties

Hellooo readers, followers and friends of Jenny and the Magic Feather! 
I'm Jo from Adventures and Tea Parties and I'm doing a little guest post while Jenny's away. 

This post is all about those simple things in life. Remember them? Those simple moments, days, even whole weeks as a child, when the smallest things would keep us happy and content. Jumping in a puddle, building a sand castle or singing "High, high, up in the sky!" while going as high as you could go on the park swing! 

Ooh those moments were good yeah? And recently I've been reminded of them through the recent addition to my magazine collection - The Simple Things. If you haven't already picked it up (hurry, go and purchase!), it's a magazine dedicated to enjoying, well yep, you've guessed it - the simple things in life! At the start of the magazine, all the contributors say which simple things in life they love, like walking on wet grass with bare feet, eating outside on a sunny day and so on. Anyway, it got me thinking non stop about the simple things in life that I love and not only that but how to get those moments back and appreciate them more. As a way of dedicating myself to the cause of a simple life, I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you and I hope that you can share some of yours here too. I know Jenny loves a comment or two, so go on, let us into a secret, what's your favourite simple thing in life?

To kick you off, here are a few of mine...

The satisfying crunch you get when stepping on an autumnal leaf

Waking up early on a day off work and having time to enjoy and be more aware of the peace and quiet...listening to the birdies and looking at the sun rise.

Getting into those favourite snuggly pyjamas after a soak in the tub, then getting into a freshly laundered bed. Ahh, bliss!

***Thanks Jo for such a great post! Oooh my choices would be popping bubble wrap, morning sunlight in my bedroom and a slab of cake in a quaint tea room - preferably with adjoining gift shop!***



  1. Aw, such a nice post! Really enjoyed reading this. Mine would be.. that first flick through a new fashion magazine, walking alone in the park and choosing wool for a new crochet project.