What Jenny Did: Second WI Open Meeting!

Hi Folks!

So on Wednesday this week it was the second open meeting of the all new and shiny Cam City WI! 


Here are some of my snaps from the evening (my apologies for the quality, the lighting in the hall is a little on the yellow side!).

Well, what a turn out! We had a very successful evening with plenty of crafts, a raffle and a name vote. As always (and surely with all WI's, no?) there was plenty of amazing cakes supplied (I brought Cookie Dough Cupcakes, Gingerbread (of course) and Dairy Free Brownies), which as proceedings got underway was just a tad hard to get to due to the huge queue all evening! YUM!

You can read all about our first open meeting here, where we introduced ourselves, got to know people and heard all about the history of the WI from the lovely ladies from the Federation. This time around we decided to get some craft going on, with several tables set up including one which I ran. Well, I say 'ran', I was a tad overwhelmed by the response of the evening (130 ladies!) and pretty much just passed out some bits of felt and the odd tip haha. To anyone who was on my table, I'm not usually that disorganised, I actually do run a successful craft club once a month! ...Honest! ...

(You can learn how to makes these using the templates from Mollie Makes, and buy the real products from British Cream Tea!)

The crochet table, run by Claireabellemakes.

The very exciting looking postcard making and writing table!

I think I speak for everyone of the planning committee when I say thank you so much to all those lovely ladies who turned up and got involved. Being a part of the set up has been so rewarding and overwhelming - in a good way. Cambridge was clearly just waiting for this to happen, and I am so happy to be apart of this amazing new WI and to be along for the ride :D

If you would like to find out more check out the following links:

and there may be a blog coming soon..... ;D

Also a little bit of listening for you 
(go to 1hr 19min)

Our next meeting will be Wednesday 3rd October in St Andrews on Hills Road, this will be the first official meeting where members can pay their subscription and join us for real-sise!


  1. I love how your felt table is all tidy and ordered and then the crochet table is a massive dump of yarn! Messy Claire!

    Lovely write up :-) Bring on October x

  2. this looks like a great event, I love the messy crochet table too lol

    Brooke x

  3. Lovely post and a great evening, such a buzz and loads of enthusiasm for this new group. Looking forward to October!

  4. Ooh, looks and sounds like you had a great time! I'm going to look into joining the WI locally. Going to have a good look at those tutorials now.
    Jo :-) x

    1. You totally should Jo, it is well worth it!

      Jenny xo

  5. Looks like such a nice place to be!!! Good luck with many many more meetings xxxx