A Little Life Update


I know right! where the heck have I been... good question!

If you have read my most recent posts, you may have noticed that I have been eluding to some life changes. Well, I am about to reveal all, ready? Its not actually that exciting.... Philip and I have decided it is time to quite the south and return home to the north. After six awesome years in Cambridge, we are relocating to Newcastle to start a new and exciting chapter in out little lives.

And this was also decided and organised in oh, about a day!

To say I am overwhelmed is a mass understatement. Sure I am excited, our new house - sorry 'apartment' (ooh) is amazing and twice the size of our little house we have here - Im going to have storage space people! woohoo!! It is just that we had decided to do this in about a years time... but just kept talking and talking about it. So while we were back in Carlisle a couple of weeks ago, we decided to pop over to Newcastle for a look around. Which turned in to a house hunt. Which produced an actual score of a property! Then Philip got a job sorted... sadly though I am having to leave my job at Cath Kidston and my new WI ladies. But, I am ever the optimist and think that everything happens for a reason and life will reveal itself to me before long :)

So, my lovely readers (hiya to those new ones, thanks for following along! you know who you are ;D), be prepared for lots of 'My Life Is Crazy Right Now!!' posts!

In the next three weeks however I do have lots of events coming up that I am looking forward to sharing with you all, so stay tuned folks! - yeah, I really just said that... 


  1. Oooh congratulations! Hope you settle in well and best of luck with the job hunt, I'm sure you'll wow any prospective employers!

    p.s. I have some very similar news to share too soon! ;-)

    :-) x

  2. Ooh exciting, and so much nearer to home, much better! I am too going to be sharing similar news in a few weeks, but it's all very hush hush at the moment! xx

    1. ah! everyone has news - must be that time of the year! ;D xo

  3. How exciting!! Good luck with the move! Looking forward to your posts :) xx


  4. Wow, exciting times! These are the life events that shape us and I'm looking forward to reading about your new adventures (and the new pad sounds amazing!)

    Anna x

  5. Aw congratulations!! Lots and lots of luck with the move and everything in between xxxxxxx