Friday Finds

Hey Hey!

Want to know all that I have accomplished today? Taking a shower and changing into clean PJs, from slightly less clean PJs. It a PJs day today people! huzzah! (I know you're just jealous really ;D)

Anyway, lets look at some cool stuff together!

I have been catching up on some blogs recently after just never seemingly having the time to do this any more and I am just loving some recent outfit posts from The Dainty Squid and Love Elycia.

(Dainty Squid - Love Elycia)

Ok, Modcloth has some seriously cool bits and pieces right now! I want it all!

This pillow case from Stay Home Club is awesome, Im going to need some little Cambridge reminders in my new home ... ;)

(stay home club)

Ok, ok! Best. Find. EVER! These are real bags folks!

Love this brooch.

This hat is both fun, and strange!

and lastly something that made me chuckle this week (and just to surprise my friend! HIYA!)

(Adams most recent blog post :P)

Have a great weekend guys!


  1. That cartoon looking bag is a lot of fun.

    I also like the dinosaur pin. I just bought one of those old 3D dinosaur wooden puzzles for my craft room. I can't wait to put him together. RAWR!! :)

  2. I adore Modcloth! Their dresses are my life haha xx