The Sound Of....

So, it has occurred to me - quite a few times recently - that I have not done a 'The Sound Of...' post for a jolly long time! oopsie!! 

So, here is a little video for you today lovely readers. I chose this song because, well I haven't been downloading any new music recently, instead I have been catching up on some oldies. 

A little while ago I decide to have a clear out and sell some of my CDs off. Said CDs have been removed from the shelf and uploaded on to my MAC finally (because its clearly too much hassle for me to extend my right arm and select a CD whilst im sitting here, if its not on my iTunes people, its just aint getting listened to apparently....), but are now sitting in a pile on the floor awaiting their fate! I got half way at least!

I am glad that I have this music on my iTunes now though, some of it I have missed so darn much its just ridiculous. Most of which is probably too embarrasing to share on my oh so 'high brow', professional blog *ehem...*. My music taste has changed dramatically as I have grown older, I am not too embarrassed to reveal that I was indeed folks, a very grungy teenager indeed! And even though this music is perhaps no longer in my current playlists, I love it more than ever for the memories it provokes; times we can never have back and people who are no long with us.

May I present Mistakes and Regrets by ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead


(Quite loving the '90's vibe to the video too!)

I am pretty sure I am not alone with my secret little oldie playlists, that we keep just for ourselves, some how!


Happy 30th Mr Thompson - you old, old man! ha! 
Thanks for bringing this song in to my life dude, this one was for you

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