Where Jenny Went: David and Nikki's Wedding!

Hi Guys!

Yey I am finally back home after a preeeeety stressful week, lots of changes going on which I shall update you all on soon, but first and foremost.... my brother got married! yey! here are some of my photos from the day....

I have to say, I had such a wonderful time! and considering it was a super long day, it actually flew by!
All the stresses and worries leading up just seemed to be forgotten once the day finally arrived, although I have to say - I am glad my brother went first! Wedding are s t r e s s f u l !

The ring pillow (made by moi!).

The cake.

Pretty table decorations.

Super bridesmaids gifts ;D

...ugh... and oh dear theres me!

now though folks, it is time to reveal....

The test run.... 

My Sweetie Buffet! 

After months of planning and buying I finally got to create my sweet table, and I was so pleased with it! And I am very proud to say it was a sure hit with everyone (and got utterly destroyed! haha!).

Oh, and guess who turned up at the evening do!!

Hes a l i v e!



  1. This wedding looks lovely, and you all look really lovely too :) The bridesmaids dresses are perfect!

    Your sweet table looks so good, got a massive craving for sweets now!


  2. What wonderful piccies! Looks like it was a fantastic day and the sweet table is awesome!

    Jo :-) x

  3. They make a nice looking couple.
    You look lovely, and Tatty Divine presents too, awesome.
    Well done on the sweet table, it makes my fillings ache looking at it all

  4. You in that dress; amazing. Your sweetie table; amazing.

    That is all x

  5. The cake looks amazing!



  6. The purple bridesmaids dresses are beautiful, you both look lovely!!! And your sweetie table is FAB!!!!!xxxx

  7. what I lovely wedding, everything looks wonderful :) love the lolly table idea xx

  8. This sweetie table is AWESOME!!