Friday Finds

Hi guys!!
Yey! Friday Finds day! By far my favourite post to do because I just love going on random internet wanderings and pinning all the cool stuff along the way and squirrelling all the good tutorials away in my stash of bookmarks - however! How awesome are the new secret Pinterest boards!? Genius idea! Bravo Pinterest masterminds :D
As a font obsessive admirer, this totally spoke....

I love this cute little tutorial for vintage fabric coasters!

How pretty and awesome are these leaf tea light holders!? Just love pretty wooden objects and ornament types. And these have a purpose - Bruce-y bonus! 

I dont think I need to say anything about this little guy somehow.... Love <3

Recommended by a Claireabellemakes only yesterday - I do indeed love, and quite frankly need this in my life.

Origami star tutorial anyone? OK!!

Heres the foody one this week folks, nomnomnom!

So, I am starting to think about xmas - along with everyone. I know these are not everyones favourite things to come across on Pinterest, but I love them. Websites that bundle loads of awesome crafts together, so you dont have to search for hours! There are three pages worth on 36th Avenue and all are great! Perfect for Xmas inspiration.

Along the same lines I stumbled upon this little beaut of a board this week, from Blank.

Lastly, I came across this pic on my Pinterest feed this morning and quite possibly just stared at it for a good 10minutes. I want this to be my view - rain and all. I just love it and I cant even tell you why!

Have a great weekend everyone!
I have my last day training in one store on Saturday, then I am off to Belfast on Monday for my second week of training - BELFAST!? 

Lovely day off with Philip inbetween though! hip-hip-hurrah for lazy sundays together! 




  1. I looove the leaf holder tea lights and feather necklace<3

  2. You definitely need the feather necklace (bad influence, moi?) and that view is gorgeous! Makes me want to go and don my wellies even though I've been craving sunshine all day! Have a lovely weekend.

    Anna x

    1. haha! naughty! I do actually think I need it though, y'know....

      Jenny xo

    2. i agree with you about the picture view, and i know why you like it too! because like me you would love to wander thru those trees to see what you can see! it elusive and just out of sight but it just might be special, a secret garden!! now i wonder if you can figure out who i am????