Friday Finds

Hi Guys!

Here we are again! Phewph! what a week! I am currently on my last day of training in Belfast for my lovely new job, and will be flying home tonight! I cant wait to see my boy and my fur ball babies!!

This week on the awesome finds list...

Another life inspiring quote from Pinterest, I could read these all day... maybe I should take heed of some and get out more though.... saying that though, whilst looking for the source for this, I came across this beautiful blog 'Handcrafted in Virginia' where there is an amazing Typography page, if you're with me and like that kind of thing! :)

 How cute are these paper xmas tree decorations?? Made from once piece of paper!

 Now this, is a cool idea!

Love these hand drawn mugs from, even more so because they have a feather on them ;D

Gosh I do love an inventive jar tutorial... candles!!? Love it!

 I recently discovered the very very cute Flikr page of SkinnyAndy I love this art work so much, please go check out the rest!

 Admiring more cool T-shirts on Snorg Tees, seriously whoever comes up with these is some sort of mad, whitty genius - I could look at stuff like this all day!
(Snorg Tees)

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Glad training's been going well! SkinnyAndy's illustrations are brilliant aren't they!
    Anna x

  2. A great selection of finds! I love how brilliant your job is sounding:)