Its all new new new!

O.M.GEEEEEE a new post! At last!

Ok so my big move up north sooooort of got the better of me and I took a little unplanned blogging hiatus to lighten the stressy load. But, I am back now, all settled in my new abode and very happy indeed :D

You may have also noticed that to go with my new town, home and job (woohoo!) I have a new blog layout too! yey! I am super happy with my new little life folks, so far everything is going well, the move was all good, new flat is looking like home and all cozy and yes, I have even landed a new job too but more on that another day ;D

I have lots of new posts scheduled for next week about what I have been up to this past month, so stay tuned for those please! and I will be returning to my normal schedule from now too. 

Which starts right now with a ....

Love these cute little Acorn Pegs I found on Etsy! Pretty sure I know some one else who would love these too...

I didn't get to do anything for Halloween this year on account of moving my life north on that day! However, I did spot this. Awesome.

I have been thinking about cool handmade presents for xmas this year and Pinterest has been throwing up great ideas all over the shop! I wont share them all on there, but here is one pretty little home made wrap idea! cute!
(Blank - via their Pinterest)

A Dino Planter!!??

I love the art of Gemma Correll, it is laugh out loud funny and cute and I can not get enough of it!

I love these little quotes/sayings etc that pop up all over Pinterest. This one rang particularly true for me....

and lastly... a very funny Pinterest related youtube video! haha! ;D


Have a great weekend! Im looking forward to Sunday when my Family will be visiting my new pad for the first time! :D



  1. Glad the big move went well and that you are all settled. Love the pretty new layout, its lovely.

    Have a fab weekend mrs xxxxx

  2. Yes, I do love those little acorn pegs, how sweeet! x

  3. Haha i love that video!