What Jenny Did: New Blog for Lucy (x2!)


So, while I have been away from my blog, I have not escaped the blogging world completely (and why would I want to right!?) I have been a busy little bee behind the scenes once again and come up with some new blog designs for Lucy - two Lucys actually!!

First up was Lucy from 'Lucy Rose' who was in need of a pretty new layout for her pretty new blog! I have to thank Lucy for putting up with my odd working schedule, as I was actually doing her design practically mid move! Lucy was great however and very understanding and did not mind having half a blog for a few days - which really is not my style and I was not happy about, but I was grateful for the extra time haha! Sadly though in all the mayhem I did not managed to get a 'before' picture, however here is her lovely blog now....

As you can see pretty and pink was the theme we went for. You can read what Lucy had to say here.

Next up was Lucy from 'Lucy Love to Blog' who was in need of a refresh for her well established fashion, food and beauty blog.

Here is Lucys blog before....

...and after.

Again I must thank Lucy for being understanding, her blog was made on pay as you use, slower than dial up, just plain awful internet that almost drove me to tears at some points as my broadband was not set up at that time. I also was a little worried that I may had gone off on one with the design and it may not be what Lucy was looking for (I sure know how to sell myself folks ;D) but she loved it! Phew! Read what Lucy had to say here.

Both Lucys were an absolute joy to work with, big thank you to you both. Please do check out their lovely blogs (and I mean content there, not design!).

SO, next up on the over haul was.... that awful girl from Jenny and the Magic Feather! haha only joking, because that would be me, sillys!! Ages ago a did a post about the design progression of my blog which you can check out here. So I have now gone from simple, white and clean to the blog you see in front out you today. Still nice and clean and simple - I hope, just a little brighter!

I decided to have a bit of a fresh face to go with the current mood of my life right now; new house, new city, new job - new blog! although I do not intend on changing the content in any way. I also wanted a design that mirrored my design site - Magic Feather Designs

What do you think of my updates? 
If you are thinking that your blog needs an update, and like my stuff, please do visit Magic Feather Designs, or my Stuff I Do page for more info and get in touch!

Hope everyone is having a lovely week, I am in the middle of my training for my new job which is going just super thanks! 




  1. Jen strikes again!!!!! lol. You have such a knack for this, both look beautiful xxxxxx

  2. You are so talented! I love them both, but especially the second one. I fully intend on contacting you some time in the future to give my blog it's own properly designed look, but I think it needs more time to bed down and for me to work out where it's going first!
    Keep up the good work xx