Finally I'm back!!

Well Hello There!

Gosh! Finally a new post folks! and just where the gollys do I think I have have been??

... just at home, chillin'.... nothing exciting! haha! I am sorry to say that my life didn't just get so super interesting that I didn't even have a spare second to blog. It was just the same old usual Christmas in retail. But added to this the stress of moving my ass back up north, starting a new job, working horrid hours etc etc, I just could barely string a coherent sentence together, let alone think about planning posts. And yes, I have been wracked with bloggers guilt!

So here I am finally posting, yey!!

I wanted to do a little round up of the last year, but when I tried to think about what happened in my little life last year, I realised that 2012 was not a kind year and quite frankly I don't want to dwell too much on it, at all! When I think back all I can remember is saying goodbye to a lot of people. Some I hope to see again and so far I have been good-ish at keeping in touch with, others sadly it was a forever goodbye and I will continue to miss them everyday. Including one little one that followed us in to 2013, sadly my beloved pet rat Dexter passed away last week and left a gaping hole in mine and Philip's lives. He was such a good little boy, but especially so in his old age. He even hung on at the end until Philip came home from work. For those who think that small animals, or any animals in fact, don't have personalities or are capable of compassion and empathy for others - he was big, fat, lovely proof that 'they' are idiots.

BUT lets stop focusing on the negative and sad times now, some good stuff came out of the year too such as my beautiful new home and the fact that I am back in the blessed north and near to my lovely family. My brother got married, I got to be a bridesmaid and I gained a new sister to boot! I started blogging, and met loads of awesome new people. I learned CSS and HTML trickery and made some people happy by helping them with new blog designs and Kevin came to live with us. yey!

and so I say hello with big wide open arms to 2013!! Where I am not going to curse us all by claiming that this will be 'my best year yet' like I did with stupid 2012....




  1. I really hope that 2013 is full of lovely surprises for you.

  2. Aw, poor Dexter. As a lifelong friend of guinea hogs, I agree that each small friend has empathy and personality. Hoping 2013 brings lots of new friends, fun with old ones and fabulous adventures :) x

  3. Welcome back!

    RIP Dexter :( so very sad to hear this news. Big big hugs xxx


  4. haha I know! Its good to be back in the community! Thanks Claire xx

  5. So lovely to see a post from you I have been wondering how you are! So sorry to hear about Dexter:(

  6. Big hug about Dexter -I know 2013 will be great xx