New Blog Design - Crafty Glitten!

So last week I completed my latest blog design, and it was for a very lovely lady indeed!
Presenting.... Crafty Glitten!

I am very pleased to say that I actually know Collette, having met her through my CK Craft Clubs and then WI (sob!) and can tell you right now that her new blog will be amazing and full of fun, gossip and crafty bits and bobs - just like Collette herself! ;D

Go check her out now at!

If you would like to see more of my blog work, please check out the Stuff I Do page here, on Jenny and the Magic Feather. For slightly more info you can also check out my work on Magic Feather Designs.



  1. I absolutely love my blog - it is more amazing then I ever could of imagined xx

  2. Already seen it thanks (oh and it was being talked of in a very positive manner too.) Well done :)

  3. Your blogging templates are fantastic hun xx