2013 Goal List

Hi Everyone!

As I have been late with posts a lot already this year, it wont surprise you to see my goal list for 2013... starting in February! hehe :D

When I started my blog just over a year ago now (happy belated birthday, blog!), I was a little unsure about what to blog about, so I just blogged about everything! BUT I also started doing alot more too, so I would of course have stuff to blog about! I also had my craft club and WI, which sadly I left behind after the big move up north.... So I have been having all these thoughts about how things were at the start of my blog, and realised that I have no hobbies to enjoy any more! *sob!* so this sad realisation has pretty much formed the basis of my new year goals list!

First though, lets look at the goals I set at the start of last year, in my very first post!

- be more creative
- create an outlet for lovely creativeness! (already done! BOOM! :D )
- watch more films
- read more books!
- discover more music
- see some bands!
- have more days out
- take more photos
- finish something I start (preferably the same day or week...at a push!)
- one interesting thing a month (and not to be so afraid to get involved in things that look interesting!)
- try and find something each day that makes me smile

Ok, So I did ok with some! I was pretty creative, I started my blog, I watched a ton of films and read loads of books and found new awesome bands. I DID NOT see any live though... tut tut!

1. Start sewing again.
I was so happy when I received my sewing machine for a birthday present two years ago, and have got so much use from it. Check my Stuff I Do page for some of my crafty projects from last year.

So my biggest aim is to start being crafty again, after quite a break from everything! and hopefully by the end of the year, I will be at a place where I can start my dream of owning my own Etsy shop! woop!

2. Get Involved.
Like I mentioned earlier, I no longer have my craft club or WI, so a big aim for this year is to find something to get involved with, and stick with it.

I also aim to get more involved with my own blog too, and the blogging community.

I am also going to pop Live Bands under this too! I have so many bands I love, that would just be awesome to see live, and now we are in a pretty big, major city for live music, this should be so easy to achieve!

3. Read More.
I love to read, but find I never have the time to, so it take me ages to get through a book. And then I forget whats going on and get bored and don't want to read anything - oh dear! 

A big aim is to finish the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series I started a while ago. Epic!

4.  One Interesting Thing a Month.
Well, more than one is very welcome! but I like this idea I set last year, and then promptly forgot about! 

5. Grow My Hair.
Ok, so this one is maybe a bit silly compared to the rest, but I used to have such lovely long hair, and every time I try to grow it, I just loose patience, hate it and cut it short again! I am determined to have long, long hair again!!

6. Be Debt Free!
Well, kind of. We will just forget about the tiny, wee student loan haha! I dont have many debts, but I have some... and I have already got my little plan laid out to set me right for the year, because I am just awful with money! It would be nice to start contributing to the savings too, so we can do and see more things!

There we go, six simple things to see me through the year! I am looking forward to reviewing these in a few months time, and seeing what each new month will bring!

I am going to leave you with this kinda massive quote that I love, love, love. I always think back to this every new year, and think 'thats how I should be thinking'. I just find it so inspiring, hope you guys like it too...


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  1. Happy belated blog birthday and good luck with your goals xx