25 Random Facts About Moi!

Hello All!

I love reading random fact posts about other people! It is just interesting and funny and is this not the point of having a personal blog? To get to know random people better than your best friends, but then never actually meet them!? hmmm! 

Although that is not strictly true, I actually had the pleasure of meeting some lovely fellow bloggers recently on a little Carlisle blogger meet up organised by my sister, who blogs over on The Perfect Hiding Place. So before I get on with my 25 Random Facts, I would like to give a little shout out (hiya!) and massive recommendations to the following blogs:

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Go check them out now, and if you are a Carlisle blogger too and reading this post, drop me an email and I shall add you to our Facebook group so you know when we are next meeting up! yey!!

So, on to me!

1. I have been with Philip for 7 years this June, my longest relationship! But I made him wait four years before we got together as he is 3 years younger than me, and 17 was just too young for my too cool for school 20 year old self. I was an idiot, hes perfect.

2. I hate my calfs being touched. Even just being poked! It just makes me cringe!

3. I also hate feet. And if someone has bare feet out around me, I can not help but stare at their feet! I also have a thing about people picking at their nails. Mixed with my wierd feet thing, toe nails are my nemesis, and the term 'enough to make your toe nails curl' just plain freaks me OUT!

4. I will always leave a corner of my crust, on sandwiches and toast. Always. I cant even tell you why.

5. If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be nutella on toast. 

6. I very rarely feel thirsty, and probably have one drink a day. And yes, I do suffer from constant head aches!

7. I have a totally rational fear of death, and some times I am still too scared to go to sleep incase I don't wake up.

8. I am still preeeeety scared of the dark.

9. I consider myself to be an excellent sick person, due to constantly throwing up for various reasons when I was little (or thats how it feels anyway!). I therefore have very little sympathy for people when they are sick, because I cant help but think 'oh, get over it!'. I am such a lovely manager to work for :D

10. I had one of my front teeth knocked out when I was little by a shovel when a friend and I were digging traps in her garden. The other one fell out naturally a few days later, so I had a massive gap at the front for ages. I do credit this however, to my straight teeth as they both came through at the same time then.

11. I talk to myself far too much to be acceptable. Out loud.

12. I have an older brother and sister, I am the baby and love being the youngest, actually!

13. I have known my best friend since we were 4 years old. Although we had a little gap in our friendship when our mothers split us up, after Emma told me I was going to die for chewing on my pencil and I had nightmares for weeks. I actually pretty much credit this for my stupid totally rational death fear. But she sure is a great friend so I'll forgive her :D and haunt her for all time after I die ;D

14. I actually love heights! I have no fear at all and much prefer being super high up than on or below ground. I am not claustrophobic, but the thought of being under ground, and having so much rock/soil etc above my head makes me feel queazy!

15. I have met the actual Cath Kidston and can report that she is lovely! However I am very sad to say I have not met her dog Stanley, as she no longer takes him on store visits due to his old age.

16. My first job was in a McDonalds drive thru....and I was 18!

17. I am just plain god awful at Maths, to the point where I just don't even try any more because I know I'll just get it wrong. 

18. I am double jointed in my thumb and little finger on my left hand.

19. I pretty much lived on tomato soup when I was little, and have many a photo of me with a big tomato soup face. 

20. When I was little I managed to scrape my throat on a Wendy House tube. I'll explain that I think! I was casually chewing on said plastic tube, just chillin' in my bedroom doorway, minding my own business whilst my brother and sister were arguing and racing around. One of them happen to knock my tube, and it some how when further into my mouth, scraping the back of my throat pretty bad. I can still remember my mums face as she shone a torch in to have a look and proclaimed that I had two massive ulcers in there. Meaning all I could eat for ages was more tomato soup, as solid food hurt too much. I still have a long gouge on the roof of my mouth where it look a chunk out. Nice, huh? :D

21. I was born on a friday at 12:05am. One week (and five minutes) over due. What a little s**t! haha!

22. I have a degree! In Photography! 

23. My alcoholic beverage of choice is a very lady like pint of beer!

24. I do not know how to drive and have never had a single lesson.

25. I have a birthmark that goes from my forehead, right over my head, on the back of my neck and a little down my back. Oh and a little on my top lip and under my eyebrows. I can thank my mothers side for this, and my brother and sister both have it too, although mine was worse. I am happy to say that it has faded a lot since I was born, and people barely notice it on my face now (although it beams through when I cry) but they always notice the back of my neck, where it is still quite red. It has never really bothered me though.

And thats me folks!
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!



  1. Replies
    1. far too many come to mind when I think of tomato soup!

  2. Very interesting facts! I love your writing style :D xx

    1. haha I never considered myself to have a 'writing style' before... Thanks Jenny!! ;D

      ps. awesome name :D

    2. I'm no expert but I like it :) Hehe, thank you, you have a great name too! :D xx

  3. Well we share the awful maths ability, the love of a decent pint of beer.... and I talk to myself a lot, especially when I'm driving. I always hope other drivers think I'm singing along to the radio. And I was so bad at drinking enough as a kid I used to go as standard to 5pm every day without a drink. I'm a little better since I discovered the joys of hot drinks as a teenager, but I still get the headaches as a result too! x

    1. I know Anna, thats why Im like, I will get home in the evening and have a drink of juice and gulp it down, then realise thats my first drink of the day - hence why it is so refreshing! haha

      Thanks for the comment, its funny how much people have in common, when I read other peoples posts like this, I find myself thinking 'Ooh me too!!'

      Jen xx

  4. oooh thanks for the link Jenny, I love Nutella too yum!!

  5. Thank you for the shout out my dear :) I loved this!!! It made me laugh so very much. I am considering doing it too….i wasnt going to but i am finding it harder and harder to resist!!!

    Lots of love xxxx

    1. Oh do Sally! I'd like to read yours too :D


      Jen xx