Friday Finds

Hey all!

As I have had so much time off from blogging at the mo, I have quite a little collection of goodies stored up for future Friday Find posts. Oh yes, Ive still been squirrelling away anything and everything cute, yummy and/or inspiring!

This weeks has a valentines theme too! 

Love this felt heart Garland, and so easy to replicate! I have had this on my Try It Pinterest board for a while now!
(NB: I found this via Pinterest which lead to this link, its in Japanese though, but has good pictures)

Ok, how cute is this!? You can leave little love notes in the pocket!?

Love these sweet little bowls with hearts on! I am always drawn to cute little bowls, I dont know what it is about them, but the fact that I know I just do not have a use for them stops me from buying them all!

This is a great wrapping idea, although I doubt I could ever get it to be that neat!

Super cute typography from Etsy!

But surely this card would win! This is awesome! I even think Philip would like this - a typical guy when it comes to cards, he just doesnt get them and resents having to buy them. He always claims that I buy them more for my self than for him too... grrr...

Ok, this is amazing! just how!? I need to try this out.

 This ring from Asos to just too sweet! I would take it in silver though please ;)


 This is just too cute and so so practical! Philip and I always just jam our held hands in to his pocket together, this mostly just makes it awkward to walk haha!

Have a great weekend!!


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