January Round-Up

Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O!!

I fell behind on my blog posts again, deary me!

I have been thinking a lot about my lovely little blog though, and once again all this time I have actually been here on blogger, behind the scenes busying away on new designs - but more on that later. So, thoughts for my blog going forth in to 2013 - less bloggers guilt is top priority! Life seems to have got a little busy right now to even attempt to blog full time, and I doubt endless posts of my journey to work and back would be fun to read and much less fun for me to rehash once I am back home haha! So bare with me lovely readers, I may not post as often as I would like, but I am still here and not giving up just yet ;D
So what can you expect to see on Jenny and the Magic Feather in 2013?

More crafting! - see tomorrows post!
New monthly round ups - I love reading these types of posts on other blogs, so why not have them for myself? and a good excuse to look back and assess life as we move forward through the year.
More designs! I am loving helping others create their dream blogs! I have lots of new designs to catch you up with.
The return of Bake Off! When I started my blog last year I had a different theme for each day, which didn't last long as it was hard to keep up with, but it did get me thinking and doing a lot more with my spare time. One of my favourite new hobbies to emerge from that period was baking - oh how I love to bake, stare at awesome baking, eat delicious yummy baked goodies...haha ;)
The return and evolution of The Sound Of... posts - there will be a little update along the theme of that ever so popular hash tag #WIDN (thats What Im Doing Now BTW!) (that one is By The Way, BTW! I am totally down with the kids people.)

So without further ado, lets take a look back at my January 2013!
Things That Made Me Smile...
Philip / letters from new pen pals / new ranges at work / my growing sticker collection / lovely gifts from lovely people / my crazy little baby boys / Joshua Jackson / Mollie Makes / the imminent meet-up of Carlisle Bloggers! / time off work with Philip / HOT baths / new dresses (even if they are for work) / January payday / venturing in to Games Workshop to get Philip awesome birthday presents / finally feeling on top of things at work.
I Was Thankful For...
Day Nurse... I have spent most of January with the threat of a horrid cold. Oh But I was most thankful actually for the snow finally having all gone. Sorry folks, I do not like snow! I know, what a wierdo!

Favourite Pin...
A tough choice between these two, so I'll just show both!

Sheldon the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle. His shell is an acorn.
Please click the links for both images, amazing illustrations plus both cute AND funny!

Favourite Instagram...

My boys!

Favourite Post...
My favourite blog by a long shot has to be Dainty Squid. Recently I just havent had the time to catch up on blogs much, but the first one I always go to when I get a sec is The Dainty Squid. I adore Kaylahs style. I am very much a dress and cardigans person, and I have some awesome rings and brooches but not as much as Kaylah, and I always feel like I have too much on if I wear more than one item of jewellery at a time! I admire her choice and skill at accessorising so much, and her no-fear attitude to bold wardrobe choices. I especially loved this outfit post, from earlier in the month, you can read it in full here.

Goal For... February.
To be more pro-active! I have been very lazy this month with regards to everything! Diet, blogging, work, appearance.. you name it! Time to sort it out Jen!!



  1. Letters from penpals always makes me smile too xx


  2. This is a great, inspiring post! Good luck with your goals :) xx