Lets catch up...


So recently I have been doing... erm... not much! haha! Reading lots and watching films, lots. I am slowly but surely working my way through the epic series A Song of Fire and Ice by George RR Martin AKA A Game of Thrones.

Which it just a w e s o m e . At the start of the year I thought, 'right I want to finish this this year', then realised I only had a couple of books to go and I am steaming through them already! Just because I can not get enough of them, however George Martin can jolly well hurry up and write the rest. Im a slow reader Mr Martin, you have time yet... just saying....

If you're not so big on books, I urge you to watch the series. They have stayed pretty faithful to the books, and capture the characters perfectly. But seriously, go read the books!

Besides reading, over the past two weeks I have also watch a lot of films, which I shall give a little run down of....

Like Crazy * * * * *

The Help * * * * * *

One Week * * * * *

The Lucky One * * * *

One day * * * *

Last year I attempted to keep a track of all the films I watched, just to remember basically as I watch a lot of films, and then forget if I have seen them or not later down the line. I almost succeeded the whole year, up until around September, then I lost track.... you can see those posts here.

I am not intending to do that this year, but it is nice to remember some of the good ones, and I have had a good run so far this year of decent films. The hi-lights being The Help and One Week.

Have you seen any awesome films lately? I do enjoy a good film recommendation, so please don't be shy!




  1. I loved the Help, it's sooo good isnt it. One week looks good, not seen that one, just IMDB'd it, can't IMAGINE what attracted you to that film ;-) I have had the Romantics on my IMDB watch list for ages, dunno where heard of it, but cant get it/see it anywhere! not on Lovefilm, Blockbuster, netflix etc. I suppose u will say u watched it on your Apple TV thing? Can u make copies????

    1. I watched it on iTunes Jo, paid for. like, legal :-|

  2. Oh man Game of Thrones is SO SO SO addictive. I had to force myself to have a break from the books because it was ruining my life!

  3. I'm still on book one of a song of ice and fire series and think I will be for a while yet - I'm not really finding the time at the moment, which makes me sad :( I love the series though - series 3 starts on 1 April - yay!!
    Do you like anime? I love their films - Spirited Away is one of my fave films ever!

    1. No I never really got in to Anime much.... Im a fantasy geek, but thats just too much for me hahaha! Oh finish the books one day, that are just awesome! xx

  4. I love love love Song of Ice and Fire. Can't wait for the next book to come out but for now the tv series will have to do!