So... whats a Degu then?

Evening glorious readers!!

It is past time I introduced my little darlings to the world! I say this through slightly gritted teeth tonight however, as one of the little 'precious furlings' bit me just a little too hard this morning, so we are currently not friends! Oh and then my smoke alarm's battery died and proceeded to beep beep beep for a few minutes hours this afternoon (until I decided to stop being lazy and insolent and go buy a new battery), causing great confusion and continuous barking barking barking from 'the crazy one'.... until I fed him a treat. Then he didnt care so much.

I am please to introduce the latest additions to our little family...

My Degus!

This is Chase, he is fast, fit and cautious. Pretty much a 'normal' degu from all accounts. Probably a little too cautious actually, hes pretty much scared of everything and still wont come and sit in our hands. He loves his wheel and right now is big on chewing everything in sight, especially his hard wood bed, right when mummy and daddy are enjoying quiet time, watching their stories. Yes... this one is  c u n n i n g... 

Ah Walter... this is Walters normal stance, folks. Walter 'nice, but dim' or otherwise known as 'the crazy one'.

Do you watch Fringe (you don't!? My gosh why ever not!??), well Walter is indeed named after 'Walter' from the show, who is also rather prone to the crazies.

'Chase' is from the Sword of Truth series of books. Now I know you haven't read that one haha! (But you should!)

So what is a Degu I hear you say?? Well ...

"...a degu is a rodent of order Caviomorpha that lives in Chile in South America. Highly social herbivorous mammals, they live in groups, nest in burrows and are diurnal (active during the day). They are about the size of an adult person's open palm and have brown pelts (fur), pale UV reflective ventral (belly) fur, light rings of fur around their eyes and orange teeth. They also have a medium length tail with short, wiry hair becoming longer at the tip. Degus are sometimes referred to as 'brush tail rats' but are entirely unrelated to rats...."

When they're sitting still, they look like this...

...awww.... but most of my photos look like this....

Becasue they do not sit still, and are very, very fast!

This is where they live, in the house that Philip built! (many a man point was gained that day ;D)

 So how did we come to get these little cuties?

We were totally sucked in by the sad little sign in Pets at Home haha! They had sadly been in the shop five months before we gave them their forever home, and I think they're pretty happy now! 
I have never had Degus before, and so far they are awesome little pets to have. Very funny, such personalities! They chirp to eachother, give little yappy barks when they're not happy, and very angry, very very cute little growls if you get too close whilst they're eating something good! haha!

Expect to see and hear a lot from these boys in the future!

For more reading on Degus, please visit Degutopia. This site has been absolutely awesome with its WEALTH of info and help for new Degu owners.

I can also recommend hours of fun watching 'cute degu' videos on You Tube! like this one....

(these are sadly, not my Degus btw!)



  1. Aw, I lol'd lots at this post, so cute. Those photos are brilliant. Love that Walter actually does look crazy! And the toofs one, love it. X

  2. Ahhh. This was most informative!! they look so sweet!! Bet they are cheeky little chaps xxxx

  3. Congratulations on your new degus, what a fab play pen you've built for them! Glad you're finding Degutopia's site helpful, and hoping you spend many happy hours getting to know your furry friends!