Friday Finds


So this week I have fairly been immersing myself in fresh design inspiration; pinning it, downloading it, bookmarking it - the lot! Along the way I stumbled upon Daily Dishonesty by Lauren Hom. I love her typography of little daily lies she tells herself... and most of us could probably agree with! ;D

Also along that same interwebs journey, I came across a new to me blog, Breanna Rose. Breanna is a blogger and designer too and honestly, I could not tell you how long I was lost in her blog for. A golden honey pot of inspiration! :)

So, the other night on Instagram I 'came across' some Game of Thrones sites/pages (what are they considered on Instagram... profiles? maybe profiles....) I mean, I wasnt just searching for more GoT info or anything like that... Nope. Not me. Not obsessed at all... nooooo sirrrreee....

Anyhooo... I came across this cutie... They're playing a Game of Musical Thrones!?

So this morning I set out to find who they were by, and my oh my what a lovely find indeed :) Please go and spend lots of time looking at these illustrations, they are too cute to miss out on!

Meanwhile on Pinterest...

This is just an awesome craft idea that even Philip would appreciate!

Too cute for words crochet!

On Etsty I stumbled upon these beauties too! 
Oh how I would love this Deathly Hallows ring... yes indeed.


How cute is this vintage cat watch!?

And finally, everyones favourite internet cat du jour - a Grumpy Cat plush cushion?... erm YES!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Fab post hun, love the Dobby looking crochet ted xx

  2. What awesome finds! I especially love the watch! :-) x

  3. hahah grumpy cat pillow is awesome!
    I love the Sheldon doll too, wish I had those skills xx