Lets Explore Gosforth!

Hi Folks!

So, its been like 5 months almost since I made the big move back up t'north, and I have yet to show you around my new surroundings! (you can see my new home here though ;D).

So lets take a little wander around, shall we!

When Philip and I were planning our move to Newcastle, we were really only looking in one area for houses, Gosforth. We knew it was pretty and a good area, not that we're like all money bags or anything, we just think we're better than everyone else haha. KIDDING! Seriously. Woah. We're such a pair of socially awkward geeks its just not even fair, with odd humour. Very odd humour... please still follow my blog :)

So, anyway... Gosforth. Gosforth is a funny old place. It  literally is very old (1166 old according to Wikipedia), and yes it does have a good reputation, a little high street, tree lined streets etc. the lot! People here clearly have some money, and whilst I was wandering around taking my little awkward snaps, I could not get over the size of the houses! The further in I went, the bigger they jolly well got too! I mean, my gosh, huge!! ... Sadly though you will just have to take my word on this folks, as I was too scared to linger at the gates of the massive ones ('cause they weren't imposing or intimidating, at all!) with my coal streaked face  scruffy boots and dog hair-covered coat too long in case some house maid came out to shoo shoo me with her broom. As they are most likely, prone to do.

And apparently the kids have cool tree forts! With FLAGS!?

But away from the huuuuge houses (seriously I know I keep repeating myself now, but they were just. so. big), the high street sadly does look a little run down. It is however full of pretty flower shops, fancy hairdressers and cafes choc full of 'yummy mummys'.

I love the sign for this cute kids shoe shop!

And this is the window of my favourite shop, Yum Lush! Pretty!

We also have a Greggs, and not just any old blue Greggs. Noooo, a Posh brown Greggs!

Oh, and one of those random shops little towns and suburbs always seem to have that sells just like, everything you could every possibly want or need!

And a tiny little cog wheel clock, on a very tall post...

Seems even Queenie approves of Gosforth too!

Thanks for exploring with me!!

(If you're curious as to where Philip and I moved from, you can see previous exploring posts here, when we lived in St Ives!)



  1. such a pretty and historic town, I would love to live there :)

  2. Such a cool post - I really enjoyed this little visit! Treasure Thorpes - make sure you buy your washers etc there!! And I love the look of your awesome fave shop too. I cannot resist places like that.

    1. Hi Suki!

      Yum Lush is a very lovely shop, I could spend hours in there! haha Thorpes is a little treasure trove! Everything you could ever want, plus lots of random baking equipment! :D

      Jenny xo