Moodboard Thursday #1


So, when I started my blog waaaaay back when... (well, last year) I used to have 'Make it Monday', 'Tuesday Try It', 'Wednesday Wishlist', 'Friday Finds', do you see my theme I had going on there? I know, I know what about Thursday, Jenny? Well, I couldn't think of anything that went with Thursday OK (I am not a thrifter, but did actually consider becoming one, just so I would have something to blog about on Thursdays, for a round about oh, 2 minutes!? But then realised - I really just don't like charity shops, sorry!). So anyway, my blogging days went along like that for a while, until I found that I wanted to blog about other things, that didn't fit in to my themes! EEEK! So I quickly scrapped half of them, and kept my favourite Friday Finds on as the only one. 

I know I am not the only blogger to assign posts to days like this, where do you think I got the inspiration from in the first place!? But it just wasn't for me, or my blogging style (read random and disorganised mind). However the thought did occur to me again the other day, when I jumped upon another popular hobby of many a blogger - moodboarding!! I have never been bothered about moodboards, I tried a few times in my youth to make cool, edgy scrap book/diary type things, but I soon gave up because seriously, who's got the time?? HOWEVER now I have the awesome Pinterest to hand, one click and poof! I have a beautiful board of cool things! I have to admit though, I still don't really see Pinterest as a medium to create lovely moodboards for myself. I use it to pin cool crafty things that I shall come back to one day and try, or to remind me of an interesting article on a web site, or a cute illustration that I must share with everyone! And food. Lots and lots of food! Basically just a place to keep all my random internet finds as I click from link to link, and not clog up my bookmarks anymore!

As it happens, I had one of those days yesterday, just going through pretty sites, clocking up some inpirational pins along the way. If you have read my blog for a while (thanks for hanging in there with my ever increasing silences BTW!) you will have maybe noticed that I have become rather enamoured with blog design! In truth I have always appreciated a well designed site, and been an HTML geek but mostly my appreciation was just for awesome fonts!  Seriously now, my love for fonts knows no bounds. (Its a struggle not to turn every design I do in to a font party some days) And now I get to make my own pretty sites, I just love it! I am actually off work this week from the day job and not at all bothered that I have spend the majority of it sat right here, in front of my computer working on new designs for lovely folk. 

Anyway! I digress.... what was my point? Ah, moodboards! So yesterday I stumbled upon moodboards, for designers! Genius! Now theres something I can get 'on board' with, and not get 'bored' with in the mean time! (Oh my hilarity! hahaha *sigh* ). So last night I started creating, choosing some favourite pins from my Pinteret boards - it does actually come in handy with this too, it turns out! - and I had so much fun I made six!!

So... to the original dilemma, do I post them on a Monday, so I can have my own 'Moodboard Monday' like so many other bloggers? .... Nah, I'll give Thursday its time to shine now I think.

I am happy to introduce the latest blog theme for Jenny and the Magic Feather...

Fonts : C rial // Impregnable // Quicksand
Photos : Pigs // cookies // stairs
Brushes: Crowns
Song : Ms Mr

Ill give a quick intro to my moodboards today (I know, how much more can I waffle on in one post, right!?) but I do intend for these not to be so much of a talky talky post.

On my moodboards you will find colour themes (obvs), inspiration pins from my Pinterest, new or favourite suitable fonts and new or favourite suitable Photoshop brushes. Oh and a random song or album that I am listening to, well it is a MOODboard after all! All of which you will find links to, in the post.

Please feel free to Pin these if you love the colours! (use your dabber, syringe tool thing in your photo editing software stuff to keep them forever too! - I may be into design, but I still can not provide you with the technical names for things folks! :D

You can also find my boards on my new Pinterest board 'Mood.Board!' once they have been posted here each week. Super!!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I have fun making them!!



  1. I love this post... Imagine how amazing it would be to have those stairs in those multi-colours! xx

  2. I love this idea! And those colours are so tasty!
    P.S. I've nominated you for a liebster award
    Anna x