Blogger Meet-up

So a few months ago some awesome Carlisian blogger folk decided to meet up and although it was a tad scary to meet new people face to face, and not hide behind our monitors and just email back and forth like some of us had been doing (mainly me.... ;D) it was so much fun! And I got to meet some cool new people in return! woo!

And because we enjoyed ourselves so much, we only decided to go and do it again last week! and great news! There's more Cumbrian based bloggers than any of us ever thought possible! More yey!

For our second meet-up we chose I Love Cafe, an incredibly cute new cafe in Carlisle, whos owner Sophie, kindly opened on a Sunday just for us! Its full of cake and dainty tea cups, and well worth a visit if you're in town with time to spare, or just looking for somewhere new and cozy for lunch dates and quite tea drinking times to yourself.

 Too cute right?

So I suppose you're wondering where all the bloggers are? Well I don't like my photo taken so much, so I don't tend to impose my camera on other peoples faces as much as I probably should... however you can read about all of them on their awesome blogs! woo!

Jo at The Perfect Hiding Place

Sally at Sallytangle

Caroline at All About The Girl

Anna at The Dusty Attic

Ann at Prattle and Froth

Cat at Outside Beauty Inside Health

Alice at Tea and Lead

Sooz at Sooz in the Shed

Amanda at Amanda Uniquely

Helen at Pierre le Cat

Anna at On The Dressing Table

and these are just the ones I have met! There's loads more of us!

Are you a Cumbrian Blogger too? Come join in here!



  1. you are funny not wanting your picture taken lol This place looks super cute, I would love to go there xx

    1. I know, especially for a blogger right!?

      The older I get, the worse it is too! ick!!


      Jenny xo

  2. I'm a cumbrian blogger but i'm only 15 haha:) Lovely cafe though!
    emeli x

    1. haha thats ok Emeli, you can still join the FB group (its private by the way) and come to meetings if you want to! Its not like we're all the same age either :)

      Jenny xo

  3. This is lovely. What a cute cafe and a nice intimate way to have a meet up. Very kind of the owner to open just for the group.

    I wish I could meet more Northumberland/North Tyneside bloggers - meet ups seem fun :)

    Just stopping by to let you know that I've nominated you for a blogger award! If you'd like to find out more about it check it out here - .

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Jen :) Lovely post - it was nice to see you again.
    See you at the next meet up!
    Anna x