Kirklinton Hall


So guess what? I actually left the vicinity of my computer for a WHOLE DAY and ventured off for a lovely day out with my sister and parents to....

Years ago my sister was out for a drive with friends when she stumbled upon the over-grown ruin of Kirklinton Hall, and then promptly took me! Although we were too chicken then to go right up to the house, it was an amazing find and sight to see towering above all the weeds and trees.

Then of course, being the curious tyke that I am (i.e. nosey) I wanted to know more! But back then there wasn't so much information going about as there is now. 

Recently however there was an article in the Cumberland News saying that the hall had been recently purchased, and the new owner had plans to do up the hall and open it to the public in the meantime! yey! So on Bank Holiday Monday at the start of the month we took ourselves off to have a wander about and finally satisfy our curiosity!

Kirklinton hall has had an interesting past it would seem! From being taken over my the RAF during the second world war, used as a home for evacuees, a nightclub, hotel and casino there were plans for houses and flats too that never seem to come to pass, the new owners plan to tun it back in to a family home.

"Adjacent to the 12th Century de Boyville  stronghold, Kirklinton Hall is said to have been built from its stone. Begun in the 1670’s, extended in the 1870’s and ruined in the 1970’s, the Hall has been a Restoration Great House, an RAF base, a school, a gangsters’ gambling den and worse. Walk in the footsteps of Norman Knights, Cavalier Commanders, Victorian Plutocrats and the Kray twins..."

You can visit the website for the hall at for more info, and see some old photos of when it was still over grown here, at Derelict Places.

There was slabs of cake, beer and wine, tea and coffee available too!

The hall is open every Sunday and Bank Holiday from now until September and is well worth a visit for a lovely day out and picnic.

There was even members of the Cumbrian Active Paranormal Society who are also conducting spooky evening walks if you fancy something a bit different :D

For more photos check out Jo's post about the hall too!



  1. This is so pretty and it looks massive xx

  2. What a beautiful building! It would make a fantastic 'Grand Design'.

  3. This is so awesome! I'm nowhere near but would love to visit something like this. I hope you get the see it when it is finished