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Hello everyone!

I have been a busy little design bee again with several new blogs, which I thought we could catch up with today!

First up was a re-design for lovely Hannah at A Red Lip Never Dates, a fab fashion blog! I love Hannah's eclectic style, and for such a new blogger I couldn't believe her press coverage so far!
Here is A Red Lip Never Dates before...

... and after!
A Red Lip Never Dates

Then I was privileged to be asked to help out on a number of new, new blogs!

First up was Lucy, who I have actually worked with before, when I designed her blog Lucy Loves to Blog. This time Lucy wanted a design for her new cooking blog, Lucy Loves to Cook.
Lucy Loves to Cook

It was so nice to work with Lucy, a breeze once again as she knew just what she wanted, I loved the colour scheme! Check out her delicious looking blog, the food looks scrummy too ;D

Next up was lovely Sooze with a brand new hair care and extensions blog - Hair Candy London,  that she will be launching soon! So keep and eye on this one :)
Hair Candy London

This was my first blog design that I used the font Oswald on, and I have promptly fallen in love with it! Its like a little black dress of a font - it just goes with everything and is definitely a new go-to font for me!

Next was a lovely craft blog, and again soon to launch so one to watch for sure, Tilly Teacups. Alot of the designs I have done recently have been quite slick and 'clean', and a slight departure from my usually overly 'cute' designs (I worry they're too 'cute' at times! haha), which don't get me wrong, I am actually loving doing different things and broadening my portfolio! But it was nice to get to go a little crazy and bright for a lovely crafty blog!
Tilly Teacups

You can see all of my designs over on my design site Magic Feather Designs, and also by clicking on my 'Stuff I Do' page at the top.

If you like what you see here, and are interest in a re-design, or a brand new design even for your blog then get in touch! I would love to hear from you! 



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