Monthly Round Up: March

HI there! 

Oh dear, long time no blog! I'll let you in on a little secret, I am not just a moodboard blog these days, I scheduled a billion of them and its made me feel less guilty for not posting 'real' posts for a few weeks haha!

Then I realised another month had slipped by and its time I sat down to review what I got up to.
So Im not always grumpy about the passing of time, but seriously March was a bit pathetic. Snow, snow, snow and more snow. Honestly, the only snow I ever want to see again this year is Jon, Jon Snow! Gettit!? haha ahhh....

Things That Made Me Smile....

Philip / getting lost in Game of Thrones books / my crazy degus / my 'nephew' / Guilty Dog on YouTube / Supernatural and the return of The Winchesters into my life! / visits to Carlisle / abandoned stately homes / posh accents / robot pens / easter eggs / successful baking! / lovely new blog clients / fun days at work / bringing Pinterest to the lives of others / catching up with the bestie / getting lots of mentions on Twitter!

Favourite Pins....

Oh Skinny Andy, your work is just too stinkin' cute! This is called 'We are the Solar System' !!

I discovered this board this month, and just LOL-ed at evening! Seriously funny stuff...

Favourite Instagrams....

Best. Pen. EVER!

Beautiful Cumbria

Favourite Post....

My own two new series which I am loving!
Font Party

Goals for April....

I actually got myself a wee bit more organised during March, which was my goal! Yey!

A little goal for April though will be to spend time away from the computer! I have been feeling pretty exhausted at the mo and can not shift the cold I have had for over a month now. I am looking forward to a week off and just having a little me time!

A bigger goal is to start looking after myself more! I never drink enough, and am trying to make a conscious effort to drink at least a litre of water a day!

Hope you have a great April everyone!


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  1. that pen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woah lol

    I am extremely happy supernatural is back too.. EXTREMELY :)