What Do You Collect?


Did you know I work at Paperchase? Well I do, and yes it is lovely, and yes I do just plough all my wages back in to the store! haha! Anyhoo before you think I'm just plain ol' bragging here, I shall get to my point. We sell these....

They are Iwako Puzzle Erasers, and trust me there are about 20 or more other cute lines. What do you mean you have never heard of them!?!... well neither had I until we started getting them in after Christmas. But this is what all the cool kids collect these days and my gosh they go wild for them! Ok, ok so the little lion may be sitting on top of my Mac right now, seriously look at how cute they are though!??

So inevitably the conversation of what collections we all had when we were younger has come up once or twice at work now, and I actually did have an awesome collection of erasers when I was younger. I mean I had Pterodactyls and all kinds of coolness in there. I also collected Trolls and the seemingly lesser known 'Lil' Babies' that no one has ever heard of (but I know my sister is laughing over right now for sure ;D) . Honest they sold them in WHSmith... anyone?... no?... oh well.

But it made me think about, and get a litttle sad about too, that I don't seem to be that passionate about anything so much that I must collect and covet all and any of it.... then I came home and had a look about.... ehem :)

So I have a thing for letter and note card sets ok! I really must write more letters....

Oh, and erm... cookie cutters.....

and maybe cake cases.... Just a tad...

OK, ok so any time I go in to TKMaxx/Homesense and see a reduced Meri Meri set such as this AWESOME Spot The Dog one I picked up the other day, I crumble alright!

Do you have any collections you were perhaps unaware of? Is it 'Lil' Babies' by any chance?



  1. I love paperchase and as I have penpals, I love the lettersets xx


  2. OMG! lil babies! Did they come in a little sealed pack so you couldn't see which one u were getting? They were just naked little babies in different poses with nappies on? How bizarre, oh there is so much crap we were obsessed with when little! By the way I NEED some if these little cute animals, you could post me some and include a letter using your letter sets!!! Great post, made me LOL! X

    1. hahaha I knew you would find this funny! Yeah thats just what they were... a little odd, no? :)

      Well maybe I already got you one ;D

      Sister xx

  3. Firstly those Lil Babies things are blimmin' freaky!!! Just google imaged them. WTF?!

    Anyway - loving your collections, what lovely things to hoard. I think you need to join the postcircle so you can use all those lovely letter sets.

    I collect (unintentionally) washi tapes, notebooks and pin badges.

    Claire x

  4. So much pretty! I like the T-rex cookie cooker best. I'd love to work at paperchase, but I think I'd end up spending all my wages in store too xx

  5. You should totally join PostCircle - it is so much funand I have 'met' some lovely people through it - and not just in my little group (Red Deer! ha!) but on twitter and instagram too!
    do it!! do it now!!