Make Off: Chicken Door Stop


So, once upon a time I considered myself quite a crafty person. Then I found a new hobby in blog designs and pretty much just ran with it, and am still running with that one! Which is great! I love having a hobby and I love being passionate about what I do, everyone should feel like that about something. Because it is awesome :)

But I sure do miss my sewing machine some when Jo from Adventures and Tea Parties asked me to do a guest post the other week, my initial thought was 'oh crap!' as I never do guest posts and struggle to post on my own blog most weeks. Then I thought ok, Jo has a lovely crafty blog, lets dust of that machine and get our craft on Jenny Penny! And I had the best morning sewing away, music on LOUD, window wide open and sun, glorious sun (!) pouring in. B L I S S!

Oh and I totally achived two birds with one stone too, as I made my guest post (did you see it? go have a peek now!) AND a post for myself! woo hoo! Ready to get crafting? 'Cause this one is a good 'un, tried and tested in my CK Craft Clubs that I used to run. 

Fire up the sewing machines folks, this is too cute not to try today.

You could make this 'lil dude by hand, but it gets quite tricky at some points, and is much much quicker with a machine. The original pattern for this awesome design can be found here. However the instructions are a little confusing (or so I found anyway :( ), so I hope mine make plenty of sense, I have also included lots of handy follow along photos too. Lets get started then....

Ok, start by drawing a triangle on your paper, 16x16x16cm. Then tag on to this a 16x8cm triangle, so you have a single piece (the '1+2 Shape'), like the image below. Label them up 1 and 2 so it is easy to follow.

Place your pattern on to your desired fabric like so. A thicker weight fabric is better, rather than thinner fashion or haberdashery fabric.

You can double up the fabric too as you cut, as you need 2 of the whole '1+2 shape', and just 1 of the No. 1 shape, as shown in the next image. Your '1+2 shape' should be opposite ways too, like so....

I found it easier to cut out three pieces of the whole '1+2 shape', while the paper is still pinned to the fabric of your final piece, cut along the line that divides piece 1 and 2 (so thats paper and fabric you're cutting) to get just the No. 1 shape, the 16x16cm triangle. You don't need the pattern again now anyway.

Cut out a beak, hair and waddle (his chin bit!) from your felt. I just did these free hand.

Next, place your felt between your two pieces of '1+2 shapes'. Remember to put them right sides (faces) together, as we will be sewing inside out. I have labelled up my pattern pieces as such to show you where each bit goes, so you could do the same on your own piece of paper, just as a guide. Its important to keep the fabric facing this way for now, so you know what goes where! 

So the felt pieces are sanwiched in-between, as shown below. 
His hair goes big to small, waddle small to big bump!

Pin just those outer edges, all three layers together, like so....

...and sew down the pinned edges only. I used the edge of my foot as a seam guide.
Remember to do a couple of back stitches at each end, so your stitches do not pull apart.

So this is where you should be now, outer edges sewn with the felt inbetween, nice and secure now.

 This is what the inside should look like.

Keeing your fabric facing the same direction as before, open up the shorter edges.

Pin your 16x16cm triangle piece (the No.1 shape) across this edge, so you go across the seam too, like I have shown below.

Continue to pin your triangle piece all around the edges, leaving a gap of 2 inches on one of the other edges. This is so we can turn him right way round when we have finished sewing, and also so we can fill him up! I left a gap in my pins, to remind me not to get carried away and sew him up completely (it happens to us all!).

Now, using your machine and the foot as a seam guide again, sew around your pinned edges. I started at one end of my gap, and finshed up at the othe side, going right round and lifting my sewing machine foot up on each corner with the needle still down so I did not loose my place, and turing my fabric to the next direction. Remember to flip/fold the fabric under itself, so it is flat to your machince plate again, and you're only sewing up the edges, and not over any corners. That probably doesnt make much sense to read, but should make some sense as you start to sew! Just keep going though, he will turn out ok!

When all edges are sewn (remember to leave your gap though!) he should look like this....

Gently pull and ease the fabric right way out again, through the gap we left. Use a pencil end to poke out the corners.

If you feel your felt is too big at this point, you can trim them down a bit. I shaved a bit off the top of his nose at this point with mine as he was a bit too beaky!

Before you stuff him up, you can sew/draw/glue on his eyes. I used two small red buttons, and using the hole in the base to get my hand in, sewed on an eye either side of the peak.

Next take a handful of stuffing, and stuff his head up in the peak, to help keep his shape.

Use a piece of card, or an actual funnel, to fill him up with rice. He should take a full bag of 300g rice. Filter in a bit at a time, and give him a little shake in-between to distribute the rice evenly inside him.

Sew up the hole either by hand, or he should just squeeze back under your machine foot ;D

Et Voila!

As you can see, I got adventurous and made a little piggy too with the same pattern!

Hope you enjoy this one!



  1. I want one! make me one! Pleeeeeeeease!

  2. Ooh these are sooooo cute xx