Monthly Round Up : April

Oopsie! so we are kind of two weeks in to May now and I still haven't caught up with April.
So lets crack on!

Things That Made Me Smile...
Philip / Phils reaction to my reaction at the end of (so far) the Game of Thrones books / sunny days / new cute ranges at work / being blog motivated and scheduling lots of posts / baking successes / Blogger meet-ups / finding new hair styles / new nail varnishes / lighter nights / a clean and tidy house / my little Degus / shopping with my mum / coo-ing over baby clothes / putting new pictures up around the house (finally!) / funny times at work / exploring Newcastle some more / a relaxing week off work

Favourite Pin...
Ok so I couldn't pick one, I pinned alot of funny/cute geeky pins last month!

And I am still laughing at this one!
Can not find original source!

Favourite Instagram....

I couldn't get over how epic the bridge looked from below, when Philip and I had a little explore around the Quay Side!

New to me....
I watched quite a few new films last month:

The Hobbit - very good, of course but I preferred LoTR. Looking forward to the next two though.

10 Inch Hero - Ok, so I might have watched this because it has Jensen Ackles in, but I actually really enjoyed it! Good story and a little odd which is always good in my books.

Scream 4 - well... just because I hadn't seen it. I didn't miss much.

The Bourne Legacy - A little confusing at first (especially after a glass of wine or two) but when you watch it in sequence with the rest its actually pretty good, but also pretty much just the same as all the others!

The Cabin in the Woods - did not know a thing about this, and was totally surprised. Go watch it!

Dredd - This one was for Phil really, but I wasnt bored, lets put it that way haha!

Silent Hill: Revelation - just to get a Jon Snow fix inbetween GoT haha (and to geek totally out because it has Sean Bean in too)! Fans of the game will enjoy, otherwise maybe leave this one.

Phil and I also watched the first series of Touch this month which stars Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland as a dad with an Autistic kid who's great with numbers and sees patterns in the world, that Jack Kiefer must help him figure out. Its Ok..... but not great. And actually a little tedious and repetitive 'Oh look the kids run off again, on and Jacks running after him and talking to him even though he never listens or responds...' .

New music, woo hoo!

Two Door Cinema Club - Beacon
The Joy Formidable - Wolf's Law
The Naked and Famous - Passive Me, Aggressive You.

Goals for May...
I actually pretty much achieved my goals for April, which was to relax on my week off, which I did and I got over my cold yey!! I also made a conscious effort to drink more and felt much better for it... for a few days until I slipped back in to bad habits! doh!

So Goal for May is to carry on drinking more water and feel fit and healthy again. It is now less than one month until the big 3-0. I need to get on this!

Any secgrets on keeping motivated, please do share! haha!

Oh also, did you notice I updated my blog a little too? I am loving my star links below my signature!

Hope you're all having a great May and enjoying the sunshine!

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