Wishlist : Dream Blue Kitchen

I feel like I am starting a lot of posts at the moment with 'remember when I used to post about this.....?' Well, today is no different my friends!

Remember when I used to post weekly wishlists? Oh, I loved those posts! As this seems to be the year to bring back every theme that I did when I first started my blog, I am so happy to let you all know that I will be bringing back my Wednesday Wishlists. Perhaps not on a weekly basis, but they'll certainly be a series regular.

It also just gives me more excuses to play around in Pixelmator and with the second and third loves of my life; Fonts and Brushes! (Philip is number one, duh!)

Lets get started!

Do you ever find yourself just wandering around the homewear sections, dressing up your dream home.... or pinning endless amounts of images of beautiful, yet random, hallways and staircases? ....just me? Really!? You big fibbers!! ;D 

Kicking off the Wishlist re-boot is a little blue-kitchen themed list with items all from House of Frasers lovely home range. And the pièce de résistance? An electric blue Kitchenaid

.... soooo .... did you know it is my birthday soon?


1. Kitchen Aid // 2. Kettle  // 3. Toaster  // 4. Dinnerware  // 5. Jars // 6. Jugs // 7. Bake and Carry // 8. Cake Stand // 9. Mixing Bowl // 10. Small Bowls

I am quite in love with all of this, but especially and beehive/dome cake stand, how beautiful!? And the coffee, tea and sugar jars - cutest storage I ever did see! Plus they're in the sale! woo hoo!

What would your dream kitchen theme be?

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