A visit to Lanercost priory

So, aaaaages ago over the last May bank holiday, I had a little day out and visit to Lanercost Priory in Cumbria with fellow blogger and real life sister Jo, from The Perfect Hiding Place!

All credit goes to Jo for finding this little trail, I am kind of a plod and go along with wherever my feet take me - much to Philips annoyance because I may have gotten us lost once or twice on my little 'lets go explore!' whims... hehe!

Anyway, this is where a super organised sibling comes in handy! Jo found us a lovely little route from Brampton to Lanercost priory, lets take a look at our day!

Super pretty right!? If you live in Cumbria and are looking for a nice walk with amazing views across the county, I recomend heading here. Oh I do love a good view!

And here is Jo, on the little bridge that leads up to the Priory.

Uh-oh! Some one put Jo in the jail! ;D

Considering I have lived in Cumbria almost all my life, I have never actually been to Lanercost Priory before, and it was such a lovely place to visit. Awesome and informative staff, cute and cosy gift shop and delishous tea rooms with a whole host of massive cakes, which we of course just had to indulge in ;D

If you're a history buff and would like to know more about the Priory, see the Wiki page here. Or check out English Heritages's site here. You can also stay in the super cute cottages they have there! which I may actually look in to perhaps.... ;)

Check out Jo's post about our visit and photos here too!

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  1. Such lovely photos, I really want to go there now but it's too far away. Hope you had a lovely time x