Exciting news and updates!


My gosh! I have gone and done it again, I have had too long away from my blog. Ugh so lets see, what is going on in my life!?

Well, I have lots to catch you up with!

A couple of weeks ago I had two super big life events occur on the same day, I turned 30 (boo!) and got engaged!

Which certainly made turning 30 seem suddenly a lot better than I had hope, cheers Philip! ;D

For my birthday I had decided to have a picnic just Phil and I, at a special place in the village of Wetheral, just outside Carlisle. This place is special to Phil and I as it was the first place we had a proper outing as a couple, just a month after we got together - I think we actually went there to celebrate one month haha! So my choice of venue fell nicely into Philip's plans...

Below is the garden of the amazing Corby Castle on the other side of the lake. Read about it here!

Oh look! Its me!!

The perfect spot!

Our picnic - the hamper is Paperchase if you're wondering, isnt it just too cute!

And then he popped the question, and I of course said yes!

Yeah yeah I took some posey ring shots, ok! ;D

And here we are as a fresh faced, new couple back in 2006... awww :)


  1. AAAH! Congratulations I am so so happy for you guys :-) What a romantic spot to propose. Eek!

    Also - loving your hair x

    P.S. Totally expecting your Pinterest to go nuts with wedding planning soon teehee.

    1. Thanks Claire! Oh yes, there was a wedding board the very next day hahaha!! xx

  2. Gaaaah Jen i am so so pleased for you, massive congratulations and the hugest jubilations!!!!! Such a lovely pretty place too xxxxxxx

  3. Yaaay! If I haven't already said it, congratulations! And you look so pretty!!
    p.s. I eventually got a proper engagement ring last weekend - only took us 22 months to find one!!
    Anna xx

    1. woo hoo!! High five for being engaged!!

      Thanks Anna xx

  4. Super amazing news - I'm so happy for you! Love the interior of the picnic basic with the matching napkins and the blonde hair really suits you. I expect to see lots of wedding posts....

  5. This is so lovely!! Massive congratulations again and I love the little pic of when you were both younger. (Not that you've even changed.. Take THAT 30th birthday!)



    1. haha! I know! we just had better hair back then!

      Thanks Helen! xx

  6. aww congrats oh your engagement, how exciting :)

    and happy belated birthday, 30 isn't too bad ;) loving your pictures xx